Sunday, 12 January 2014

Outfit of the Week #17

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Outfit of the Week #17! This week we are having a leggings look!

Image from Samuel. D's Lookbook page
This week's outfit is really nice, clean and simple! Red baseball style cap, shades white shirt, black shorts, red backpack, black leggings and a pair of white shoes. This is really one very simple looking outfit that still regardlessly give a fashionable look, no super fancy stuff.. (well you don't need that branded wallet on the left of his pocket) This doesn't look very radical at all, no rad looking haircut, shoes or additional accessories needed. Kudos to this lookbooker! More and more guys are spotting the legwear in their clothing styles! Still feeling a little reserved? Try this first!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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