Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Special Spotlight: Interview with Rare Tights

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

For today we are having a special feature on Rare Tights, a very unique one of a kind online hosiery retailer that offers unique fashionable styled hosiery products! Let's get on with it!

Hi Sakhi!

Thank you so much for responding to us at Legwear Fashion For Men! I just checked out your online store and it seems like you got a nice collection of legwear products there! And I would like to ask you a few questions!

1)Can you provide the readers at Legwear Fashion For Men with some background information about yourself and your shop Rare Tights? 

Hi l am a married mum of two (lovely babies) who loves fashion; raretights was born out of my love for fashion. I have a partnership with someone in China who sources the products for us. In future when we grow we want to expand into hosiery for children, men, & lingerie. 

2) What was your inspiration to start Rare Tights?

My inspiration, Wow so many!! I always wear tights and people ask me where l got them from. I like to be the trend setter; getting different things and standing out in the crowd. That's what we want our rare tights to make everyone feel!

3) Oh nice! I love babies too! I happen to have a day job as a baby photographer! It's always nice to have a partnership in business! Anyways I would like to find out, how long have you been running Rare Tights? 

Oh what a coincidence; child photographer!! In future we might use you for the photos! 

Been running Rare Tights for over 3 years. We started selling on ebay first as a shop Pattymoonlight then we moved on to opening website! 

4) What are the general demographics of your customers? Eg. Adult women, young women or men? 

Our customers are mainly women; interesting fact is we are UK based but have a lot of interest in USA! We have men too who enter our competitions & Follow us on Twitter & Facebook. We want to grow and be a global brand to satisfy all hosiery needs. Our sourcing partner is working on getting us more variety stock so keep checking us out; you will not be disappointed.

5) Ohh! I don't mind if you flew all over to the UK! Hahaha! It is nice to know that Rare Tights is open to all customers! For years there has been a recent hype on men's hosiery or "Mantyhose" top hosiery fashion designer Emilio Cavallini caught up with it and created a few lines of tights for men, what do you think of hosiery as a fashion or as an everyday apparel for men? 

Yes tights for men there is definitely a niche market there! Fashion is taking notice and its no longer shameful for men to wear tights. Men have always worn tights for years and years. The tights were called thermal tights to keep them warm in winter. Nowadays we are seeing hosiery for men; which is a step up! Go fashion. 

6) Thanks! That is nice to know Sakhi! Does your husband also sport this form of legwear? Would you encourage him to do so? Oh and are there any suggestions for the guys out there for which kind of products they should go for in your catalog? 

Oh no my husband it's only thermals in the winter for him. our hosiery will be probably marketable to men and you can try fishnets too!

7) What do you plan to do for RareTights foreseeable future?

Future sees us having more variety; stocking more unique tights! 

Thank you so much Sakhi for agreeing to do this interview with us at Legwear Fashion For Men! We wish all the best in what you do! 

Do follow Rare Tights on Twitter @TightsRare and check out their products at their website http://raretights.com/

Thank you all for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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