Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Weekly Vibe #73

Hi Creative and Fashionable people! 

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #73! Sorry for not posting this up last week, as I had to work on Sunday and afterwards I went out with my girlfriend Dorothea for the evening, hence I had to delay this post till Tuesday on my off day. 

I probably got the most coolest girlfriend for any guy who has the "nylon gene" because she fully embraces the fact that I have legwear as part of my wardrobe, the fact that I do Kigurumi Cosplay as well(go google) and that she wears legwear too! She is like the girl I have prayed for and prepared by the Almighty God, I am totally speechless by it! Hallelujah!

I recently introduced to her the hosiery brand of Wolford and also ordered 2 pairs of Wolford 50 Fatals, one for me and one for her, it's going to be my first pair of seamless tights and I am really quite excited.

I actually intended to order from UK Tights but unfortunately their L stocks were exhausted and I had to wait pretty long for them, but I decided to go for Tightsplease anyways to order. 

UK tights have recently started selling this line of hosiery called Pendeza, UK Tights had this to say about these tights:

"Pendeza are a brilliant designer that concentrates on just one kind of leg wear, tights for women with ethnic skin tones. Ethnic women find it hard to get tights to suit their colouring. Often, black tights are too dark and look out of place against a chocolate skin tone. But Pendeza know this and have made tights with a truly suitable and ideal set of colours and shades. They are made to suit any woman of any darker skin tone from Middle Eastern to Central African. They are made with perfection and quality in mind, so you won't find anything better suited to your outfits than their wonderful tights."

Really interesting I must say, they currently stock 5 varieties of these unique tights, I have to say that, it must be really hard to for women especially with darker skin tones to pick skin tone hosiery because the fact that it doesn't fit their skin colour at all, it would make their legs unnaturally fairer than their entire body, it's really nice to know that hosiery companies do take notice and hence broadening their customer base! Kudos to that! 

Click here to check out their line of hosiery! 

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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