Friday, 16 September 2016

Weekly Vibe #186

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #186! My first Lightsaber combat tournament is happening! But first I have to go through the qualifiers!

I am really feeling the pressure now! I even got myself some armour because seeing what happened last year I don't wish to play around with safety!

Oh yes and talking about armour! I just did a cosplay of Darth Revan last sunday! I wore the leather look leggings UK Tights sent me and under my robes paired with my boots and it was a really comfortable! Here is how I look!

Most of the problems I had were bad visibility from the mask which I have remedied after the event, I'm so glad I got friends with me to help me around! To be honest I really wonder how did Revan saw under thing man... the Force? I guess!

If you are stocking up some Silky ballet tights you can get them via UK Tights too because you get to save 15%! Use the code DANCE 15, it ends on the 20th of Sept!

That's all I have for you! In the next coming week I will be rolling out something new hopefully it would garner some good response well that's all I have for you!

Thanks for reading!

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