Sunday, 26 May 2013

Weekly Vibe #29

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

It's Weekly Vibe again and it's the 29th installment!! This week was indeed pretty neat for me! I was really pleasantly surprised by Legwear International for the samples I have received on Wednesday! I'm still in the midst of planning how to match my clothes with the sheers and some of the sheer patterned tights they have sent me, indeed really challenging to me but I'm really excited!! 

Friday was a public holiday and I was invited for a World of Tanks party event at a friend's place with my fellow clan members, we had a lot of fun, booze, food and games!

I met up some friends again on Saturday for some games and met up my good friend Alvin and he suggested having a photo of me as we were both wearing black! And obviously I'm the guy with the legwear!

I also had a lot of pain and joy as I finally received my shipment of my Panzer uniform insignias and I had to hand stitch them... I broke 2 needles and got my finger tips sore along with a nip from the needle on finger too but it was really worth the pain because here is how I look!

I'm intending to do a cosplay for this uniform I got! 

Recently I came into contact with a form of art called Kigurumi, but specifically Anime Kigurumi or Animegao(doller) which is essentially dressing up as an anime character but not just dressing up as them but also having their faces, which is aided with a kigurumi mask. Anyways this is how it looks like.

I felt that it would be pretty interesting and exciting to be portraying as one of these, gives me an art trip, sort of like tickling a person's funny bone as tickling my artistic bone. Some see it as a fetish due to the zentai suit one has to wear, and its crossdressing elements. Well I take it as a challenge and something new, it's also challenge to me as I have to go through radical physical body changes.. like working out extra so I could look better and leaner. Kigurumi Cosplaying is something really unique and is a closely knitted and yet secretive community due to the fact that Kigurumi cosplayers would never unmask in the presence of the public and keep shrouded about their real identity. Well I'm pretty straight upfront of wanting to do this, I mean come on.. I'm wearing hosiery proud and free, my friends and family embrace my fashion choices. Instead of saying "Why", I'd say.. "Why not!?" and asking me "Why?" again will lead me to saying, "because I can! and I'm rising up to the occasion being myself!" Why try to be other people when you are unique? Take a deep thought about it..

That's all this week! Thanks for tuning in!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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  1. Great read, Andreas! Keep being you and stay true to yourself always! Nicholas a.k.a. GlindaTheGoodBitch.

    P.S. Please check out my blog at where you’ll find me Bitching About All Things Worth Bitching About™! You name it. From politics and social causes such as equal rights issues to my points of view on reality shows and my not-so-favorite people that roam the planet we’re forced to share it with. If it’s newsworthy and needs to be addressed, you can bet at some point I’ll be talking about it at The hook if you will… humor and good fun with a twist of bitchiness as only I can dish it. His alter ego is not one to be reckoned with either. Her sharp wit and tongue will “cut a bitch” for sure. Glinda leaves her followers mercilessly begging for more!

    So please, Andreas Lucius, if you will, support me in my new endeavor as I have with yours, and check out my blog and ALSO be sure to go to my Facebook page and “LIKE” it since I just recently created it. It needs all the help it can get right now and I’d really appreciate it. In the past week alone, I was contacted by someone in L.A. who is interested in developing my Glinda character into a TV show. (And yes, Glinda does wear hosiery under his trousers!)

    So my best to you and best of luck with all you do, and I think Kigurumi Cosplaying sounds awesome! My 24-year-old son and 22-year-old daughter, both of whom are BIG into Anime, would love this. I wonder if this has caught on in the U.S. yet? I will have to ask them.

    My best to you always,
    Nicholas ;)