Sunday, 2 August 2015

Weekly Vibe #139

Hi Creative and Fashionable people! 

Welcome to 139th edition of Weekly Vibe #139! I'm really excited actually! Because I have ordered my first lightsaber from Ultrasabers!

Photos credited by Saber Authority

Initiate V4 with soundboard
I got this model but got a few tweaks to it which you will get to see it when it comes on Thursday! I'm going register myself to a lightsaber duelling club based locally! Getting really hyped up and already practising with sticks! Hahaha! "Finally I will fulfil my destiny.." Hahahahaha! And in fact with that I'm actually looking to do a little Star Wars film with my other friends who own lightsabers too and probably I will be the Sith Lord who wears black tights under his robe hahaha! Ahh mentioning that reminded me of  Ralph Fiennes who mentioned in a Press Conference that he had to wear tights under his Voldemort robe as he hunted the young boy wizard Harry Potter!! Hahahaha!

For the next 3 days from Monday to Wednesday it would be last pre-school centre we will be shooting, though it may be tiring I'm actually quite looking forward to it because children are incredibly charming and cute! The coming week is quite a good one for Singaporeans as we will be having a long weekend break from Friday to Sunday as it will be our 50th year independent! Woohoo!! and Sunday will also be Lightsaber duelling day too! Woot!!!

Oh and has anyone noticed that UK Tights have changed their website's interface? It looks awesomely neat! And also not to mention they are having fantastic deals on Kunert, Falke and Pamela Mann's series of Moulin Rouge tights!

Do take note of the ending dates of the deals!! 

Well that's all I have for you! Have a great coming week!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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  1. Nice video, but when you guys start force pushing each other and lighting bolts come out of your hands, then that would be a real LS dueling experience.