Monday, 24 August 2015

Weekly Vibe #142

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #142! I had an incredible time last week, we celebrated our 26th anniversary in church and also had the privilege to shoot my ministry leader's 2nd born child at 2 weeks old! I knew him back in 2010 and boy how fast time flies!

Isn't he cute? Well I waited for 3 hours for him to fall asleep but I ended up doing shots of him in a semi-sleeping state.. Hahaha! And yes!! That's my day job if I shoot photos of infant babies! I spend more time waiting than actual photography!

As you might know that I'm into Lightsaber duelling and I wanted to find ways to upgrade my gear for mobility and speed, and I found myself looking at Vibram toes shoes like these..

But I was thinking.. if I were to wear these, I couldn't wear footed tights... unless they had individual toes and so I started looking all over the internet and voila! I found something really lovely..

Enter Toe Sox!

The company's website is based in Germany and with my limited knowledge of German it seems like the products are actually US in origin.
They don't just sell toe socks but toe tights too! Both in sheer and opaque in different colours and shades, compression and even fishnets!

But what made it really interesting were how they presented their hosiery products, well for starters, it isn't like or where you actually see that they are actually marketing for males in general; at first look on Toe Sox homepage, you actually see photos of women modelling for their products, but if you clicked on Nylonstrümpfe(which is nylon tights/pantyhose) you are greeted with legs of men!

And ironically the only pair of female legs or body you see are for the Compression tights and if you actually looked into that link, you'd find other thumbnail picks with a men's feet in them in casual footwear! 

It appears that Toe Sox are actually marketing for both men and women! I mean Wow! And of course I took the liberty to contact them through email and I'm waiting for a response.. I mean woot!!! It's so cool! I'm glad my toe tights troubles have been solved!

Trasparenze fans would be really happy as UK Tights have started selling their newest line of Autumn collection

There are altogether 35 new styles that include tights, stockings, and for the younger ones.

Looking for something kinky in bed with your wife? Check out the new Tiffany Quinn fishnet body range from UK Tights!

Last but not the least, fans of ActivSkin tights are in a good treat too! In view of the dog days of summer for the Northern Hemisphere they are having a 15% off  with a minimum purchase of $30 with the code DOGDAYS, do note that offer ends on the 31st of August!

Do check them out!

That's all I have for you, have a great new week ahead!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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