Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Weekly Vibe #153

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #153! Sorry the really late post, as you might have read on my Twitter post, I spent most of the Monday queuing at Shaw House for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere tickets! I get to watch them on the 17th of December! More than 12 hours earlier than US! WOOHOO! 

But the coolest part isn't all just that! There were journalists that interviewed me and my fellow lightsaberists and we were featured on the local newspaper! Check it out!

I'm at the right side, half of face covered though.. LOL

You could read what's written there "Mr Andreas Loh, 27, joined the queue at 1:15pm and Mr Alexander Choong, 24, at 2pm. They both had their lightsabers. "Every Sunday, we join The Saber Authority where we attend Combat Saber training programmes," said Mr Loh. "We use real fighting techniques but with lightsabers as our weapons." He also said he and his friends were planning to dress up as Star Wars characters for the premiere. He plans to go as a Sith Lord." 


I'm 90% done with preparing for my Sith Lord impression for the big day! I was planning on wearing the Silky leather look leggings under my legwraps or black maxi skirt if you like... Hahaha! which UK Tights sent to me previously!

UK Tights is having a Party tights promo and you get to save 10% off by using the code "PARTY10"

For the guys if you are bold, I really recommend the Wolford Abigail tights and the Wolford Laisa tights.

Something really off the charts again from Wolford!!

Introducing Wolford Pure 10 Tights, these are 10 denier tights and just to name a few of its really awesome properties  with glued seams, with wide soft waistband, shadow toes and many more! And you can already ordering from UK Tights!

In the light of the events of the past week, Legwear Fashion For Men stands in solidarity to all victims of terrorism all over the world. 

My prayers to all the family and friends of the victims of such attacks, RIP all the victims.

Thanks for reading
Andreas Lucius Loh

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