Monday, 29 February 2016

Outfit of the Week #120

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Welcome to Outfit of the Week #120! This week we are looking at a sports celebrity from the US!

Image source Charlotte Observer

Image source Star Pulse
This was shared a few weeks back at the LAUF forum about the American Football player Cam Newton who just recently made the spot of being the most valuable NFL's Most Valuable Player, okay perhaps this outfit line up might not be the best, cut out pants, socks plus recovery stockings as he claimed them to be(perhaps might have been Activskin tights!) the sweaters, I'm seeing a lot of brands here however my biggest point here really isn't about his outfit it's more about him being not just a sports celebrity alone but using his influence to be a hero for some, he would give touchdown balls to children by the stands, visit young sick patients at the hospital and he probably the most fashionable MVP in NFL, check out some of his threads!

Photo sources: Charlotte Observer

I truly feel that in order for hosiery style for men to succeed or become more mainstream is for more male celebrities to start wearing them as well(no not while doing a comical cross gender roles) because who knows? The children inspired by Newton here could very well wear what their idol wears for training and whatever he wears! You can read more about his recovery stockings stories Charlotte Observer and Star Pulse.

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Andreas Lucius Loh

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  1. Great look(s)! Sports and tights have always been closely related, and it is great to see the diversity of legwear being showcased in many different forms, especially sports! Being a sports fan, I can agree with you that Cam Newton is the most stylish player in the NFL, and one of the most stylish in professional sports.