Monday 24 July 2017

Weekly Vibe #213

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #213! Well it wasn't that weekly as I have just got back from a hiatus, the past 3 weeks were gruelling for me as I didn't have my Monday off's as early to mid July were the pre-school shoots for our studio and I had to be under the hot sun for hours on end, we have completed a total of 5 pre-schools and each school had from 80 to 100 students each which means I may have very well shot over 400+ students individually with students ranging from 18 months old to 6 years old! And boy it wasn't easy but it's finished finally!!! And now I can have my normal work and off routine again and that means I can blog too!!

One of the in lieu off days I tried doing an Instagram review on the Omsa Maori 20 den fashion tights.

For the past few weeks I started forming this habit of wearing sheer tights to bed, as some have shared to me of how nice it actually felt and so I took it trying and now it's has somewhat became a habit, provided I didn't rip them apart! Hahaha! The benefits I felt somehow were that I didn't need to wake up with a blanket covered all from the somewhat colder mornings. I also didn't really need to cover myself with the blanket and then leaving a small hole for my leg so I wouldn't feel that warm either. The temperature control was somewhat perfect actually, I started trying to get lower denier sheer tights and am finding the perfect denier for this summer climate. Hahaha! Weird things that I do. 

Anyways!! Looks like Le Bourget has got some new products and UK Tights has them in stock!

They include seamless tights both semi opaque and sheer!(Yipee for seamless tights!) 

The new collection also included some pattern tights!

UK Tights is also currently having a HUGE Summer sale with over 200 styles up to 80% off! Check i out!!

UK Tights is also having Levante Class Tights promotion 2 pairs for the price of 1 and a half pair! 

Well that's all this week I have for you! I will be trying for a few more Instagram reviews, perhaps add a small video as well! Let's see how it works out!

Thanks for reading!