Wednesday 28 November 2012

Just Arrived : Charnos 60 den Opaque Tights

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

I ordered 2 pairs of Charnos 60 denier Opaque tights from Tightsplease in early November, and they have arrived! It took about 4 weeks to arrive.

I ordered a Navy and a Chocolate in XL, I'm not too sure about how the sizes go, so I decided to go bigger just in case they didn't fit me! Look forward to coming review posts when I try the tights on! Oh and a little something extra to share, my mum really enjoyed the Activskin A839 and the best thing is that she actually told me that one pair wasn't enough and she wanted more!! She told me to get more of them for her! She also commented that her feet was really rough and then after wearing the A839s she feels that they gotten softer and she is really pleased with them! Kudos to Activskin

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Andreas Lucius Loh

P.S Sorry for not posting for a long time, been really busy with my other life commitments, I will post more often when I have the time! :) 

Sunday 25 November 2012

Weekly Vibe #4

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

This week was pretty awesome for me, I remember preparing to leave home on a Saturday, and my sister spotted me with cargo pants and Activskin's A894 Camouflaged tights and she commented.. "Nice socks! Where did you get them from!?" And I said.. "They aren't socks..." and before I could say where I got them from, she commented "They are stockings? Oh my God." I was pretty much laughing out loud in my heart. Well it wasn't really the first time she saw me wearing tights, her usual reaction would always be "Oh my God!" and this reaction to me isn't negative but hilarious.. Hahaha! And so I wore them out going for a World Of Tanks(MMO Game) tournament held in Singapore with my clan mates, and I was pretty surprised that they commented nothing about what was on my legs.. but the best part was.. our team emerged the 2nd place!

I'm in the middle!

A few days before I read an interesting post from Jessica's blog Fantasy Stockings about a 72 year old grandfather from China who helped his granddaughter model for her new teen clothing line, here are some photos! 

It is really pretty awesome if you ask me! You can read more here Grandfather modeling a teen clothing line in China

That's all for the week!

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Andreas Lucius Loh

Monday 19 November 2012

Men wearing Pantyhose on Montreal Gazette

Hi Creative and Fashionable!

Montreal Gazette's Jillian posted up an article on "Men wearing Pantyhose: Design Preferences?"

Here is an excerpt from the post, you can read more here 

"Oh, why not . . . file this under Give the People What They Want . . .

As previously mentioned, there is tremendous interest in the Men Wearing Pantyhose topic. It’s not about transgenderism. Men who like to wear pantyhose most often do not have gender identity issues: they are simply men who like to wear pantyhose. And why not?

I’m told there are products being designed for them, something called “mantyhose.” I’m wondering if many men are wearing them, or if they prefer products initially designed for women?

And would men who wear pantyhose like to see more sports themes on their hose, such as images of hockey players or racing cars or footballs or whatever?

This post is for you, guys. Feel free to talk about your interest in the subject. I’ll post your comments either in this entry and/or in a separate entry, depending on how many comments come in.



Send comments to "

I took the liberty emailing her my comments which went like this...

"Hi Jillian!

I wear legwear as part of fashion, I’m mostly inspired by Givenchy, Agn├Ęs B & many others(See here, and in fact I actually run a Legwear Fashion For Men blog Well preference wise… I have been trying out some brands that are designed for men and some designed for women, and for men specfically, I really like Activskin because it really has the male anatomy in mind and they are made so much more rugged because men are rough and rugged. I haven’t been trying many female styles but I am starting to.. due to the fact that male styles generally go more expensive than females so mostly for men, they would order an extra size and I like the fact that there are a number of online hosiery stores that have male tights category, take Tights Please for example, in fact the tights that were stocked there were most female styles with plus sizes. I’m glad that you stated that “Men who like to wear pantyhose most often do not have gender identity issues: they are simply men who like to wear pantyhose. And why not?” Nice one Jillian!

(One more thought): I think tattoo patterned tights would be nice! Not the flowery ones…


Feel free to write in too! I like the fact that Jillian has shed very positive light on Legwear for men! More men are starting to come out with their own opinions about legwear wearing patterns! In my opinion for now, for men to wear legwear is a very niche thing.. not every men will wear or try them for sometimes obvious aesthetic reasons.. but this legwear trend is picking up with the fashion forward men!

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Andreas Lucius Loh

Sunday 18 November 2012

Weekly Vibe #3

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

I didn't have much of a eventful week except on Sunday! I was wearing my camouflaged A894 Activskin tights with cargo pants to church, but I had an extra mission! Sunday was kinda special because many parents have brought their babies to be dedicated to the Lord and so as I am a Church photographer and a full-time baby photographer I volunteered myself to be the main photographer to shoot the dedicated babies with their parents, we had a great time with dozens of people queuing to be shot... AND with my camo tights in full view with my cargo pants! And as usual, nothing was spoken or mentioned about my legwear!

On my way home in the train 
I was joking to a fellow male legwear friend that my camouflaged tights were really very camouflaged... because no one really stared.. even if I wanted to be! Hahahaha!
Anyways I'm still eagerly waiting for the arrival my Charnos opaque tights to arrive from the UK!

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Andreas Lucius Loh

Sunday 11 November 2012

Weekly Vibe #2

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

This week has been pretty eventful for me, firstly I was able to interview Jessica of and secondly the blog has reached over 10,000 views within 3 months! I would like to thank every reader who reads and follows this blog!

Earlier this week I received a text message via SMS of a local Singaporean man who has been following this blog and was very encouraged by what this blog has been doing for him and in fact tried wearing tights with shorts out! All in all it was a bittersweet experience for him, but however what I noticed is that he has gotten bolder and wanted to do it more! 

Also for the past few days I have been following closely with another hosiery blog, Fashion My Legs, the blogger Lisa shares interesting "Daily tights inspirations" but what really made it unique to me was that there were many "DIY" and "How To" articles examples like "How to tie dye tights", "How to paint tights", "How to wear black tights" and etc.

I have written in to Fashion My Legs blog and I'm looking forward to do an interview with Lisa about her blog, I'm praying that it comes to pass!

Another thing I would like to made known is that, my budget for shopping will be greatly reduced because I have made a building fund pledge to my Church which will last till February 2013, but no worries! I will still be doing legwear fashion reviews as much as I can and I know God will provide and He has been providing!

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Andreas Lucius Loh

Friday 9 November 2012

How do you behave/How do I behave with legwear

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

I'm sure some of you people out there wonder how did I achieve that level of boldness to wear legwear with short pants in the public. And so how to behave in public places for men who wears legwear with shorts?

Well to start off.. a little about my personality, I'm pretty much an artistic person and my day job is a photographer. And I believe very strongly in creativity, I portray myself to be unique individual, I enjoy to engage myself in conversations with people in my leisure time. I'm also considered to be a metrosexual man, in other words I enjoy shopping for clothes and look good outwardly. And so when I accessorise myself with hose, I will portray myself as being fashionably unique, not every men will or can wear hosiery, just like not all men will wear kilts. I would clothe myself in a way that the attention wouldn't be just on my legs, but on every single part of my body. So I would wear unique shirts, shades, style up my hair, nice shorts + hose and nice shoes(Matching them with the right colour is another story)

Style by Songzio (2011)

When I go out I would normally portray myself as walking down the runway like a model(of course without really swaggering like one...Hahaha!), walking confidently not being conscious of what I'm wearing on my legs, in fact if I do actually bother about people reactions, but in fact there aren't really much looks to my legs because my other clothing items have already "overpowered" the look of my legs. It's more of being yourself than being aware of people, just behave like how you normally would without hose.

Style by Reserva (2011)

My conclusion is in other words, be yourself and slay the demons in your head! Dress fashionably and look confident!

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Andreas Lucius Loh

Thursday 8 November 2012


Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Legwear Fashion For Men has garnered over 10000 visits ever since September! Thank you so much for the support you all have given to this blog! I look forward to posting up more material as we go by!

Thanks for the continuing support!
Andreas Lucius Loh

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Special Spotlight: Jessica Fantasystockings

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Legwear Fashion For Men has successfully completed an interview with a hosiery blogger Jessica of Fantasy Stockings. Enjoy the read!

1) Can you provide the readers at Legwear Fashion For Men with some background information about yourself and your blog

Sure, let me introduce myself. I currently live in Canada, in the beautiful city of Vancouver that is located on the coast of the Pacific ocean. When I was younger, I did some fashion modeling in Toronto. Those years past, but my interest in fashion remained.

I never thought I’d be a blogger. I was thinking of starting an online store 2 years ago and registered 
a domain name. I decided not to proceed with the idea at the time, but my domain name was already registered. That’s how I decided to put up some information there about my love for hosiery and little by little it turned into a hosiery blog.

2) There are many women out there that don't really like hosiery too much, what is it that makes you love hosiery?

I grew up with it. Since a very young age my mom would tell me to wear it with skirts and she would never get mad if my pantyhose would get ruined. She always had a full bag of spare pairs in different colours and that’s still the case today. To me it was a necessary garment to have, just like socks.

During my teen years I realized that it makes my legs look really nice, so I would always wear it if I would want to look pretty. A lot of times I would get compliments from both males and females about my look.

When I grew up, professional appearance became a priority. Even if a woman is on a tight budget, she 
could add a sleek pair of pantyhose to a simple outfit and look so much more sophisticated in an instant.

It feels nice to wear, makes me look good, and allows me to continue wearing my favourite skirts even in 
winter. What would I do without it? I can’t possibly imagine giving it up.

3) One could notice that you have a "boys" button in your blog categories and it opens up to many topics on unisex hosiery and the like, so what do you think about men such as myself who wear hosiery, and not just for health reasons but for a fashion statement (with shorts & shorter pants etc.)?

I haven’t met too many men who wear it for fashion reasons, but turns out that this trend was already in some runway shows. There isn’t any logical reason out there why tights should be for women only. In Eastern Europe up to this very day both boys and girls wear cotton pantyhose when they are little. But when they grow up, men for some reason switch to long johns that usually don’t look attractive at all.

4) Would you be in a relationship with a man who wears hosiery as part of his usual clothing style?

At this point I can only give a hypothetical answer because I passed my dating years a long time ago and back then I wasn’t aware of this trend at all. It probably would depend on how he wears it because I am only attracted to a professional masculine look.

My favourite look for men is a properly fitted business suit with a tie and fancy cuff links during the day. 
Somehow when a man I know puts on a good business suit, I just can’t stop looking because it makes them look so much better. For casual wear I like to see men in proper fitting dark jeans with a dress shirt or fitted muscle shirt and stylish business casual shoes. I am not a fan of anything that resembles sportswear.

However, most men who wear pantyhose do it because it is something that turns them on in a private sense. 
In this case, I’d be totally cool with that. If he enjoys the feeling of sheer pantyhose close to his body, I’d be delighted to help him choose the best hosiery out there.

5) How did you find about the Legwear Fashion For Men blog?

I guess that is where the link exchange really does its magic. I follow Hosiery For Men blog and I check out their suggested links. This is how I found you.

6) Are you able recommend any styles that you think men can adopt with hosiery?

Somehow I really like to look at Scottish men who wear traditional kilts. Whenever I see one, I turn around. Skin tone pantyhose under a kilt with traditional white knee socks over it not only would look good, but would make total sense in colder weather. Let’s say that if I would marry a traditional Scott, I wouldn’t let him go outdoors without pantyhose unless it’s summer.

7) Tell us one thing about yourself that you normally wouldn't say?

I am such a chicken when it comes to violence in movies, even though that I realize it’s just special effects... I can’t go to a movie theatre unless I am sitting next to someone with broad shoulders that I can hide behind during a scary scene.

8) Do you have comments to make about Legwear Fashion For Men?

There are some technical points like navigation and overall presentation of the material, but I’d rather not take up your reader’s time discussing this here.

In general I would like to thank you for your courage to promote a fashion trend that is not common and to 
do it in such an open manner. It may sound trivial, but I really admire the fact that you model your outfits yourself and you don’t crop your head out of the picture. It shows the reader that you are confident and sincere about this.

There is a belief that fashion repeats itself in cycles, so I do not doubt the possibility of men wearing ¾ 
pants and stockings would again be as common as it was in the regal times.

Thank you Jessica for taking the time to answer these questions, I hope that our readers at Legwear Fashion For Men Blog will enjoy reading this interview and your blog! We wish you all the best in your blog and your future endeavours and we will keep connected!

Jessica's blog deals on many subjects on hosiery, she has done interviews with CJ  from  Tights Fashion UK & Finn Magazine, she also featured Activskin's mens hosiery along with Hosiery For Men Blog she blogs on various other subjects such as how can hosiery enhance a woman's professional image and on what is a quality hosiery. She also runs 2 Youtube Channels Fantasystockings & Fantasystockings2 If you want to know more, head on down to! Support Jessica but clicking on the ad's that appear in her blog!

On a personal note, Jessica has been a great encouragement to me and it really pushes this blog forward!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

Tuesday 6 November 2012

New Tights Order : November 2012

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

I recently placed an order on 2 pairs of tights from Tightsplease. Two of them are manufactured by Charnos.

Both of them are the Charnos 60 denier Opaque Tights:

I ordered a Chocolate and a Navy coloured at XL, I found these tights under the category of "For Men" and these are priced at US$9.61 or GBP 6.00 each. And I'm not too sure how the female sizes run for men. There have been good reviews on it and I would like to review them personally and with my own fashion twist!

Shipping globally costs at GBP 8.00

It is actually my first time ordering from Tightsplease, the last time I made contact with them was when I received the free pair of Aristoc 120 den Cotton Sheen tights which I have reviewed on September. I paid about SGD$39 in total for them and I'm absolutely looking forward to receiving them and trying them on! Stay tuned for the reviews and fashion styles for these tights!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

Sunday 4 November 2012

Weekly Vibes #1

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

I'd thought I'd do a weekly update on what's going on for myself individually, for the past few days I have been communicating with Jessica from and do look out for a coming exclusive interview with her! Also I have been quite active on Lookbook and I have noticed that there are many people out there who are actually quite open with the idea of having tights as part of male accessory! Been having a handful of female Lookbookers fanning my page and along with female fashion designers fanning me and following Legwear Fashion For Men Blog!

Recently I have been looking around at LAUF and found that Urban Outfitters actually did use legwear for marketing 2 of their outerwear products! 

Copyright Urban Outfitters
Copyright Urban Outfitters

The interesting part was that they actually weren't marketing the tights/leggings in the photos but in fact they were selling the tops! Hence giving the idea that one could actually style clothes with legwear!

Interestingly today as I was having a lunch chat with my female friend in a restaurant wearing one of my usual outfits the with Activskin A857 ribbed tights and shorts. I saw one of the female customer who was waiting to pay the bill pointing at my legs to her other female friend and I could somehow hear her say.. "See he is wearing stockings!" and the friend looked and didn't have much of a reaction. But the girl who spotted me.. her facial reaction was pretty intrigued than that of her friends. I didn't feel weird or anything, in fact deep inside of me I was laughing. I actually kinda enjoyed the attention I got.. however most importantly I felt that I have made an impact that it is fashionably possible for a guy to wear tights with shorts!

Today I bought a new pair of shoes from TOPMAN, bidding farewell to my brown TOPMAN shoes.

New TOPMAN shoes! :)

Hosiery wise, I'm actually not very sure on what's next to get, I'm looking at Fashion tattoo tights, however size seems to be quite of a concern to me. Any recommendations?

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh