Friday 24 June 2016

Outfit of the Week #133

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Outfit of the Week #133 and this week we will be looking at this outfit!

An outfit by JORGE B. on Lookbook

Interesting use of colour here! Yellow and Black are always a great combination to outfits, the inner wear of the model are pretty conservative with black coloured top and bottoms, black opaque tights, interesting looking glasses and a nice yellow coat, he does spot really interesting looking shoes!

You can see all the pictures on his blog site and he is definitely sporting full length tights, not leggings! Big thumbs up to him!

What do you think? I totally like it!

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Monday 20 June 2016

Weekly Vibe #180

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #180! It's the Euro 2016 craze here! But tights are not absent too! If you checked out recently, Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted wearing tights under shorts!

This news was picked up by various media, most comments were neutral and positive! Awesome news for us! What he is wearing seems to be more of the semi-opaque range than opaque, nice legs there C. Ronaldo! 

I recently just got back from a staycation with my over the weekends and we had a lot of fun! 

No I didn't wear any tights that weekend because the weather is just too hot out there! :X But I did wear them for my saber class on Sunday, after my senior class I decided to play, "guess who am I?" with one of the saber class parents' kids. I had my face mesh protection and balaclava on and I went up to one of this 9 year olds asked.. "Guess who I am!?" the boy was like ummmmmm...... then the father pointed at my legs(which are donned with tights) and the boy was like.. "Andreas!!" Hahahaha! Now tights are like even a trait for me! Totally cool!

If you are have been following online hosiery in the UK, MyTights is now officially part of UK Tights, congratulations to UK Tights for the acquisition, hosiery retailing is really a niche market and as with any business it isn't easy nowadays but I'm glad to be friends with UK Tights and they have been very supportive to this blog and for the men who wear tights! 

If you are looking at getting Trasparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Tights, UK Tights is having a special GBP2.00 off with most colours and sizes in stock! Up to XXL!

Glastonbury Festival in the UK kicks off this week! UK Tights got it covered if you are looking funky fashion styles this week to wear! 

For the guys we recommend some of the Stop And Stare Co sheer tattoo tights! They are really something cool!

Well that's all we have for you this week! Have a great week ahead!

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Tuesday 14 June 2016

Outfit of the Week #132

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Outfit of the Week #132! And this week we will be looking at this outfit!

Photo via Pantyhose Doctor on Flickr

Looks like a slightly cooler day here in this picture, one can see even a toque being worn by the guy on the left side of the photo, I like how the guy on the right actually finds a practical way of wearing tights in this cold weather, interesting use of the knitted head band giving that really hippy Jamaican style, overall the colour of his outfit falls under the category of "practical" if not "hippy". Personally I think if he was wearing footed tights, I'd reckon he do without the colourful socks but I suppose he was probably really cold... but he could still do with black socks I think.

What do you think?

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Friday 10 June 2016

Weekly Vibe #179

Hi Creative and Fashionable!

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #179! I hope you enjoyed the interview done with Tightso! I have also enjoyed getting to know another awesome hosiery store owner!

Recently one of our friends Activskin have released 2 new legwear products!

Firstly the A829 Thermofabric Opaque Full Support Tights

Oh my favourite.. Black Opaque Tights! These tights offer graduated compression and feature a gusset which is different from the A866 which features a fly, personally for myself I'd go for a gusset any day. They go at USD$11.99 a pair in black only and run in sizes M, L, XL and XXL.

Well if you don't really understand what "Sheer-to-Waist" means, it's basically a pair of pantyhose that has no reinforced panty or toes which is great for really short shorts kind of outfit where you don't want anyone to see you that you're wearing any form of hosiery or just looks quite unsightly(or too teasing!) anyways! The A539 features Run-guard fabric, sheer to waist from waistband, gusset(woohoo!) and sheer toes. They go at USD$9.99 a pair with 3 colours, Beige, Black and Tan, they run in for 3 sizes, M, L, XL and XXL.

Looking to restock or wanting to trying out Aristoc Ultra Bare tights/hold ups? Check out UK Tights' Special Buy One Get One 1/2 Price

There are 3 variations you can choose from, Shaper, Hold Ups and the conventional tights. Do note that they end on Saturday 11th of June!

Well that's all I have you this week! Now I gotta go prepare for my cousin's wedding tomorrow!

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Monday 6 June 2016

Special Spotlight : Interview with Tightso

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

We got a Special Spotlight today with Tightso!

Thank you so much for responding to us at Legwear Fashion For Men via Instagram! I just checked out your website at and it seems like you got a nice collection of legwear products there! And I would like to ask you a few questions!

1)Can you provide the readers at Legwear Fashion For Men with some background information about yourself and tightso (You can introduce who you are as well)

I'd like to thank you for the interview on behalf of all Tightso staff :) My name is Eileen, I'm the founder of Tightso. We started originally as SecondSkin-Shop in 2008 and then shorten our name to Tightso in 2010 which simply means Tights Online. Our physical stores are located in both Ottawa/Canada and Ankara/Turkey. Following 2010 we started our online hosiery department and shipping fine and rare hosiery worldwide ever since. Our journey began as really small with just two women and progressed to what it is today 10 passionate women still enjoying and learning the world of hosiery.

2) What was the inspiration to start Tightso?

After graduating at a college in Montreal I've decided that I'm not up to an 8 to 4 job. First I 
have to try to run my own business which I've said to myself and I'm glad I did. I have worked in many malls and shopping centers I don't know why but preferably in hosiery departments. Maybe because my first Summer job in high school was a counter assistant in a local cosmetics and hosiery shop :) So I've learned quite a few things about hosiery and probably decided to put it in use :) 

3) Oh wow! You got businesses in 2 countries! We noticed that you have interesting ideas like giving away free tights and we know it's something quite out of the box! We are curious, what makes Tightso unique from other online hosiery retailers?

Out of many I think, we try to maintain good relations with our customers. We always keep in touch. We have customers that we ship tights even before they place an order.We just think they might like them and if they do they will make the payment.We are a bizarre online business :)

Penti 40 Denier Tights

4) What are the general demographics of your customers so far? Eg. Adult women, young women or men? 

With all the crazy and fun designs I'd say young women and men. Adult women (50+) unfortunately more comfortable shopping locally. We have quite a large number of men customer as well. They mostly go for our classic tights and we try to help them as much as we can regarding sizing and colour.

5) What brands do Tightso currently carry? Are there any favourites for you personally too?

We have two lines of products. The ones we sell online and the ones in our stores.We sell the rare and hard to find ones online.  We carry Gatta, Day Mod, Penti, Oroblu, Fiore, Golden Lady, Italiana, Pierre Cardin, Mujde and etc.

We have also been working on our own brand called Nelson.We have only one product for now; 40 Den opaques and they are part of our "Back to school" promotion that we run every Fall. As for favorites, I love all. Each brand we carry have a unique wow factor of their own. But if I had to choose one I'd say Penti because they have variety .Every year we get a few new designs from hosiery companies via our suppliers but Penti send us a whole new product line with tons of new designs and colors directly nonstop. They're a real dynamo!

Day Mod 200 Den Wetlook Tights

6)Wow! It's nice to know they are many kinds of customers you have! We will also surely look out for your own brand Nelson! Any idea when will you be releasing them?

Nelson brand is available since last year. For now only in black color and three sizes but will be expanded up to XXL and more color options in near future.We have also been working on a sheer model which will come in a number of colors and sizes to choose from.

Nelson 40 Denier Tights

7)For years there has been a recent hype on men's hosiery or "Mantyhose" top hosiery fashion designer like Emilio Cavallini caught up with it and created a few lines of tights for men, what do you think of hosiery as a fashion or as an everyday apparel for men? 

I think it's great to see men realising that tights are not just for women and can be for men also. I'm quite familiar to the trend. Even when I worked as a counter assistant in the 80s we had many male customers even though we carried only for women items.

I was always impressed by how knowledgeable they were when it comes to hosiery even more than us women. Today about 50% of our business is with men and it's a great number and says a lot. Not surprisingly we interact more with men everyday through emails and social media and it says a lot.

 Penti 80 Denier Tights

8)What are your plans for your foreseeable future?

Keep doing what we're doing. Everyone has a goal to reach in his/her life. I love my job and I intend to do it for a long time.

Awesome! Thank you so much! We want to wish you all the best in your business and your endeavours! Looking forward cooperate more in the future!

I hope you all enjoyed this interview, Tightso has some really unique nice patterns of tights! Do check them out!

Thanks for reading!