Monday 1 October 2012

In Focus: ActivSkin A894 Camouflage Tights

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Here is my review on ActivSkin A894 Camouflage Tights:

At first look, it looks like what I would wear in the desert front..Hahaha! But looks absolutely awesome!!! As I started bunching them up to wear they feel really stretchy and soft, they feel really smooth against the skin as I pull them up the fit is fine, I started seeing some pattern stretch on my calves, which I believe is normal.. one thing I realised is that the patterns have seams on the sides which I think is the one thing I didn't really like. As I was adjusting my tights I saw a pretty weird stain or mark like as if some nail polish has spilled on it or something.. well good thing it was on my upper thigh area where my legs wouldn't be exposed. 

A weird unwashable stain on my left thigh as I pulled them up for the first time.

The coverage was pretty good, it feels more like a sheer than an opaque hose. I really like the fly that it came with. One unique thing about Activskin tights is that you don't need to wear another undergarment like I normally would with other tights.

Cowl flap collared T-shirt: NEWLOOK  Shades: H&M   Cargo pants: UNIQLO Tights: ACTIVSKIN Shoes: TOPMAN

Price: US$24.99

Material content: 90% Nylon microfiber and 10% Lycra® spandex.

Sizes offered: M to XXL

Colours: Camouflage

Pros: Soft, Stretchy, Smooth, Good opacity coverage. Male panel with Fly opening & Stylish


Cons: Not the most economical, side seams(well I see it as a con as I prefer patterns without seams) & that weird nail polish stain(forgivable as it's on my upper thigh area)

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the A894 Camouflage Tights. I give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

I wore out earlier today to do some shopping, I took the public transport, there was some looks but people don't really care. 

View of my legs


At NS22 Orchard MRT Station
This is actually my second time wearing tights out with shorts and I feel really good! I feel that as long as the outfit is right, it is really no problem wearing tights out with shorts at all, the war is really all in the head!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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