Thursday 11 December 2014

Special Arrival: UK Tights

Hi Creative and Fashion people!

Today the shipment of UK Tights came, as you remembered on the previous week's Weekly Vibe, I shared that they were going to send me 2 types of tights, namely the Hudson Fancy Patterned Tights and the Pretty Legs 80 Denier Luxury Coloured Opaque Tights but upon looking at such a huge package, I was expecting 3 pairs of tights but my jaw dropped when I saw 6 pairs of tights! OH MY GOSH! 

I saw another pair of Pretty Legs 80 Denier Luxury Coloured Opaque Tights and 2 pairs of  Wolford Opaque 70!! WOW! Actually me and girlfriend did pick the Wolford 70 but didn't expect them to send it over because I understood of budget issues. Christmas came early for me and girlfriend!! WOW!! I am so thankful for UK Tights!

Here is a pic of them!

These products will be featured on Legwear Fashion For Men's new content "Street Legwear Fashion" that will appear every month and will debut in this December! Looking forward to bringing great content to you all our readers!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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