Monday 30 March 2015

Goodbye Mr Lee

Hi friends,

Sunday was the State Funeral for Singapore's founding father and first Prime Minister, indeed the entire week had been an emotional and dark week for every Singaporean including myself.

Indeed many tears were shed for the great man but it's also through this entire mourning week, we can see how united we as a people are. I'm sure the late Mr Lee would have been very pleased if he saw. 

Thank you so much Mr Lee that you have given up your life for the country, truly there are no individual that has reached the level of contribution you made for the nation. You are an astounding visionary that has brought this nation which started off as a fishing village and that many thought could never make it into a nation that is now a bustling metropolis that has impacted the world over!

As a mark of respect, I will start blogging again in the coming weekend.

Thanks for reading.
Andreas Lucius Loh

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