Monday 20 April 2015

Weekly Vibe #125

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #125!! This week was pretty exciting and I did some hosiery shopping this week too!

A few days ago I ordered 2 pairs of tights from G Market or lesser known as Qoo10 it's like a eBay but with much better cheaper deals and many Singaporean shop there and as I was browsing through I came across an add that featured such super stretchy tights as see below!

I ordered these 200 denier ones and it came in about 2 days, though on the label it says size 1 which is actually the smallest, they actually fit well! Oh and I actually suspect that these are the Turkish Penti tights as I have notice photos that other customers have posted up have "Penti" brand printed on their package, I am not too sure why the name have been changed.. anyways here is my 2nd pair

These China-made tights branded Langsha are endorsed by a Taiwanese celebrity Barbie Hsu and these tights are 120 denier very stretchy and comfy as well, in total I spent about $20 SGD which is pretty decent I decided to try asian made tights for once and so far it's fine I feel.

Earlier today me and my living history group member did a special 70th anniversary Victory Day series and here is a sneak peek!

Principal photography and art direction was done by me, I really wanted to do a quality that was worthy of the 70th Anniversary and so far I feel that I have done fine. What do you think? 

Each year Wolford will pick a design from their range of essentials put up a special pay for the price of 2 pairs and get 1 more once a year and this year they have picked the Wolford Sheer 15 and UK Tights is featuring this special sale for a limited time as they have limited stock as well! 

Our good friends at ActivSkin are also having a 10% off their products too just insert the coupon code TIGHTSARECOOL and the coolest part is there is no minimum spending, just make sure to have at least one pair and this code expires on the 30th of April so hurry!

Tightsplease is having a flash sale on their Charnos line of tights as well! Hurry as the offer ends on the 3rd of May!

Well that's all I have for you friends this week! Till next time!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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