Wednesday 24 February 2016

Weekly Vibe #164

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #164! Sorry for the delay of the post as I had to work for 8 days straight.. :X And I only managed to get my off day today.. and I had some tummy problems yesterday and hence got home earlier than usual from work but no worries I'm getting better already!

2 days ago I was pleasantly surprised to see that my V.Vienna sheer tights came!

I'm totally looking forward to trying them out! One of my friends who just returned from Taiwan will be passing me the remaining other pairs of V.Vienna pantyhose to me! I really can't wait!

Last Sunday I finally passed my grading to the next level for my sabering classes!

To be honest it was really tough, we had many strikes tested and a 3 rounds back to back dueling! 30 seconds x 3 each! I remember myself panting really hard after it but I'm glad that I have made it along with my friends and now we are the next level and considered a Senior now! Woohoo!

This Saturday also happens to be my birthday and along with my birthday I'm celebrating our grading victory and promotion at a Karaoke with my friends! I'm so looking forward to it!! Now which pair of tight should I wear...? Hahaha!

Recently this week I found another male Singaporean blogger by the name of "Leo" via Instagram who shares about his accounts through his blog of wearing pantyhose in public in shorts and to be honest his stories are just real daily challenges of a hose wearing man and...I'm sure most of the guys here would totally relate to him as I would as well. Check out his blog Silky Legs Adventures. He does have some photos up as well on his Instagram @LeoDumLao79 

This year happens to be a leap year as well and our friends at G.Lieberman & Sons. Ltd or ActivSkin is having a special leap year promotion check out the details below!

Meanwhile in the UK, Mothers' Day is drawing close! Our friends from UK Tights have up a special selection of items for the special woman in our lives! Check it out! Well for us who isn't celebrating Mothers' Day could still get something for our Mothers' too right? Hahaha!

UK Tights is also having a sale on two Trasparenze products:

Trasparenze Pianoforte Leggings (Usual price GBP39.99, now GBP 31.99) Sizes available: M and L Colours available: Black

Trasparenze Bandoneon Tights (Usual price GBP14.99, now GBP9.99) Sizes available: Small Colours available: Black

There are also two new products from Oroblu!

Oroblu Delight Tights (GBP9.99 a pair) Sizes: Medium, Large & X-Large  

Colours available: Black, Crystal Grey 1 and Milk 1

Oroblu Divine Hold Ups (GBP 17.99 a pair) Sizes: Small, Medium & Large

Colours available: Black and Cosmestic 4

However I most likely recommend these last 3 styles for you to get them for your female friends or your partner.. Hahaha!

Well that's all I have for you this week!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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