Monday 7 January 2013

In Focus: Miss OroBLU Omnia Tights

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Here is the much awaited review of the Miss OroBLU Omnia Tights!

These actually came to me on the 21st of December in 2012, but it took me really some time to think of what wear these with the clothes I have in my wardrobe, firstly because it's actually tights made for women, it was really a HUGE step of faith for me to buy these(I usually consider a long time before buying them) I wore them twice actually, first time was to take "model" shots and the 2nd time was wearing them to Church on Sunday service last week. It was actually pretty uneventful except for some things that happened to these tights! Which I will explain later... Hahaha!

I paid these for 9.09GBP at a flash sale off Tightsplease, and to be honest when I took them off the paper board package, they smelled really good and were very long when it dropped down to it's full length. One thing I noticed that the patterns were stitched on and to be truthful didn't have good experiences with stitched on patterns before.. like the ADRIAN Grating tights with its stitched on argyle patterns because of frays and loose threads hanging out. 

Inside out view of the stitched on patterns.

Putting these on was pretty easy actually, I kinda thought they felt kinda short but with a little adjustment, it was pretty fine, the patterns started going a little expanded at the kneecap and lower kneecap area when I was seated down, which is pretty expected. the opacity coverage was somewhat good except while seated. The patterns went up all the way to the thighs only, with a plain white "control top" which made me feel like a ballerina... Hahaha! 

The accident that happened to me while wearing them was while going to the Gents, after getting done with what I was supposed to do, I unknowingly zipped up and actually part of the tights go caught in the zip and I noticed it when I went to the Gents the second time! Oh my goodness! What a disaster! The damage was too bad, good thing that it didn't leather but there was a small hole caused not by a torn but an overstretch, from zipping up. 

Damage can seen at the middle seam on the centre of the photo

These tights really kept me quite comfy in the cold air-conditioning in the Church expo hall but after service was over and was I was out in the hot sun.. I was truly feeling the heat in my legs! Also.. I realised that I could see threads hanging out.. which was the result of prolong wearing and abrasions while walking and also being pattern stitched tights. 

Stray threads sticking out from the patterns
The most appealing factor to me was actually the pattern, it's truly pretty cool and really does give a slight hypnotic impression. 

T-Shirt : PUMA  Jacket: Unknown  Shorts: THOMAS SMITH  Shoes: NORTH STAR  Shades: H&M  Legwear: MISS OROBLU Model & Photographer:  A. LUCIUS. KUNSTWERKE FABRIK

Top down view with effects done with Pixlr o-matic mobile app
Price: GBP 9.09  (Usually GBP12.99 because of a Ultimate Christmas sale at Tightsplease. However there is discount now you can get them at GBP10.39)

Material content: 96% Nylon 4% Elastane

Sizes offered: S to XL

Colours: Omnia (Black and white patterned)

Pros: Keeps legs warm, Creative and fashionable pattern, waistband doesn't roll & Flat seamed

Cons: Not the cheapest, stitched on pattern means short loose threads from the pattern would appear after long time of wearing them, fabric can easily get caught if you have slight rough surfaces on your hands, always wear gloves to put them on & very challenging to match clothes with, I recommend going for white shirts and black shorts or vice versa colour combination.

Overall I'm giving these a 2.5 out of 5 stars, it won't be likely that I will be getting them again. The only retaining factor are the awesome patterns it has.

Thanks for Reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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