Sunday, 13 January 2013

Weekly Vibe #10

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome once again to Legwear Fashion For Men's Weekly Vibe! This week felt pretty slow for me, especially for the work week, but thank God somehow I managed to "pull through" the week, I'm always looking forward to the weekends like any other working adults. After taking up the leadership role of Commander in my World Of Tanks clan, I found myself having more commitments and responsibilities to my clan tank commanders to lead them to excellence and empowerment. Well with this aside, my passion for Legwear still keeps the same! My budget has been pretty tight lately and I haven't bought any hose for the month of January, in fact being a fan of FPSRussia on Youtube, I actually bought myself one of his shirts with the slogan "PROFESSIONAL RUSSIAN" and also being a huge fan of Epic Meal Time, I'm actually gonna buy myself some of their T-shirts and maybe a sweater!

Today I wore my Bottlegreen Charnos 80 den opaques to service, I actually really liked the look, I matched them with a blue green checkered flannel shirt, Cargo foldable pants, hi cut shoes and a checkered flat hat!

Actually I feel that having legwear as part of my accessory is gradually becoming a very non-event thing(which is good) and no one in my cellgroup even talks about what I wore anymore, compared to when I started having legwear for the first few weeks. And the response I was getting from strangers is almost non-evident, and it is usually responses in our own heads. For example, I got myself a new pair of jeans and it's a pair that I really like and I subconsciously expect passer-by's to take notice my jeans because of my knowledge of it being new and nice! Now, obviously to the average passer-by.. they wouldn't know that those jeans are new and neither would they know the jeans were my favourite. We just think too much about ourselves, especially for the men who are trying out legwear with shorter pants. The fact is society is becoming self-absorbed, I mean isn't it true? We are also self-absorbed to also think that people are noticing us.. which is usually not the case.. I mean unless we go around wearing a mascot costume, I'm sure everyone would be noticing.. for a short while that is.

As for future hosiery orders for January I'm actually looking at probably ordering one of Sarah Borghi's Patterned Tights "Line" 

The line pattern looks pretty neat I must say! Once again I'm very thankful for the support you readers give this blog! In fact I have an appeal.. especially for the Singapore readers.. as I have noticed a big number of Singapore users reading this blog. I hope to actually hear from you through this blog or add me up on Google+ via this blog and also on Facebook.

Thank you for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh


  1. I like the look of the line tights. Are they what is considered mens wear tights? They look warm.
    MarK C

  2. Hmm I am not too sure myself, they seem pretty suitable I think. I just ordered them last night and will do a review on them soon. :)