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In Focus: Sarah Borghi Line 50 den Tights

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Here is the highly anticipated Sarah Borghi's Line 50 Den tights review!

I ordered this pair of tights from Newlook awhile ago in mid January and they arrive promptly due to the fact that the vendor is also located in Singapore. These were packed in a traditional hard paper envelope and had a little of a nice scent to it as well. When I let loose the legs of the hose, I realised that these seem pretty short. Compared to the sizing of this Sarah Borghi tights and the Charnos tights, it should technically fit a person 1.85m or 6"0 which I am actually 1.75m I didn't consider much of the weight category in the size chart due to the fact that I don't really have very big broad legs. 

When I hung them up for drying after washing, my mum actually commented to me saying that these tights seem pretty sheer which I didn't thought they were until I actually put them on and boy did I realise these were actually semi-sheer! Putting them on wasn't really that difficult but compared to wearing the Charnos 80 denier, it was pretty much a world apart in comfort. The Line 50 den tights actually felt a wee bit rough against my legs. The material coverage was pretty even. but these were just too sheer for me which I believe the reason being that these were kinda short. When I wore it out I actually wore one of my Activskin opaque black ribbed tights under and wore the Line 50 den tights layered on the top and boy did I feel the warmth! A little too uncomfortable for me actually. I will probably get a similar denier pair of tights just for wearing with these Line 50 den tights. You could see semi-sheer-ness of the tights in these photos:

Close up of the top area reaching to the waist band 

As some women know that it isn't easy the easiest thing to keep the backseam straight, it is the same with wearing the Line 50 den tights, in fact when I tried layering these tights, the lines looked pretty crooked and didn't look the best due to the fact that there wasn't much of a glide in these.

Line 50 den tights layered
I matched these pair of tights with a line patterned shirt:

Shirt : SLENO GOLD Cargo Shorts: UNIQLO  High-cut Shoes: ANDROID HOMME  Glasses: H&M  Legwear: Sarah Borghi Model & Photographer:  A. LUCIUS. KUNSTWERKE FABRIK

Here are more close up photos:

Price: GBP 7.11  or USD$11.22

Material content: 90% Nylon 10% Elastane

Sizes offered: L to XL (These are the sizes available in Newlook) 

Colours: Line (Light grey with white line pattern)

Pros: Keeps legs warm, Cotton gusset, waistband doesn't roll, Flat seamed & decent pricing.

Cons: It isn't as opaque as how it looks on the product packaging, keeping the line patterns straight isn't the easiest thing, feels a wee bit rough, not the most comfortable pair. 

Overall I felt the Line 50 den tights were okay but I would most likely not be wearing them too often, due to the fact that I would most likely have to wear another pair under these and also having to keep the lines straight. I would rate these pair 2.5 out of 5 stars. 

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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