Sunday, 3 February 2013

Weekly Vibe #13

Hi Creative and Fashionable Individuals!

Welcome to the 13th edition of LFFM Weekly Vibe! I spent most of the week working as usual having to work on a Saturday as well. I enjoyed my Saturday evening till late night with my World of Tanks clan mates and friends over games, food and laughs! That was probably the only thing I really looked forward to! Also today I went out shopping for my clothes as Lunar New Year is really round the corner, it's pretty much a custom to buy new clothes as to usher into the New Year in the Lunar Calendar. I bought a pair high-cut shoes from and they were really nice and priced on the lower end too!

These shoes are by Android Homme and they have made many shoes in various different fabrics, some are made with shiny leather, canvas & denim. 

I also bought clothes from UNIQLO and H&M, got a nice foldable cargo shorts and flannel red tartan patterned shirt from UNIQLO and a Tiger printed long sleeved top and a pair of straight cut jeans from H&M. And yes!! I went out shopping wearing legwear of course!! I had on my camouflaged patterned tights from ActivSkin! And just as usual as it gets.. nothing eventful at all.. Hahaha!

I would like to recommend you readers another blog by a female Swedish hoisery blogger Lillstrumpa and her blog Nylon to the bone 

Lillstrumpa blogs on various hosiery styles, ranging from thigh hi hold-ups, pantyhose and fully fashioned tights. She does very detailed write-ups but do take note that they are written in Swedish.. but thanks to a google translate gadget she has in her blog you can actually translate her blog to a language you can comprehend! :)

That's all for this week! I look forward to writing again soon!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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