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In Focus: Knittex 20 Den Smart Tights

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Today we will be taking an in depth look of a unique pair of tights by Knittex. As you all might have know that Knittex has graciously sent me 2 sample pairs of their men's collection of their hosiery products, one of which is this "Smart" 20 den tights and the "Sporty" 100 den Opaque Footless Tights, you can read the review of the latter in here (You might probably notice the package saying 30 den but actually in its physical form.. it has been corrected to 20 den)

The Smart tights was packaged in a very classy rectangular cardboard packaging with the tights wrapped around a card in a clear plastic envelope which I find it useful to store my tights. Packaging is style is identical to that of the Sporty Opaque Footless Tights.

At first I got very mixed feelings as I am not a big fan of sheers at all due to the fact that sheer tights typically do not last long. I was more meticulous at handling and putting them on, I usually would use gloved hands to put on my tights and these sheers were no exceptions because no one likes having snags in their tights right?

Putting them was quite a bit of an experience because I didn't want ruin them so soon, when I actually rolled them up all the way to my thigh I found out to my horror, the right inner thigh part of the tights had a very tiny snag mark and I wasn't too sure if I caused or not, but it wasn't so bad as that part of my legs wouldn't show.. But it didn't matter as I wore jeans because it was working day for me. They seem to glide very well up my legs and under long pants, it was actually quite easy to wear them provided that your legs are dry of course! I also noticed a matt shine to the tights. The boxer and socks were made of higher denier content, opacity looking like 80 denier.

I wore them for the entire work day at the gallery taking enquiries, I'm usually tasked to work in the studio as a photographer but specially for that week I was assigned to the gallery, so I thought I try the Smart tights under my jeans.

These tights are designed to be worn as undergarment as well which is something I really like about Knittex tights. They actually felt really comfortable and smooth, so much so that I forgot that they are actually still on! And well I have to say that though these don't cost a lot but in terms of comfort, they fall under the category of excellent hosiery brands. Not the sort you pick up from the drug store.

Double breasted jacket: H&M  Shorts: HUSH PUPPIES  Shoes: TOPMAN  Glasses: H&M  Legwear: KNITTEX   Bag: ZiNC   Model & Photographer:  A. LUCIUS. KUNSTWERKE FABRIK

Price: 16.54 Polish Zlotys which equates to about US$5.26 or GBP 3.45

Material content: Polyamide 88% & Elastane 12% with gusset

Sizes: 3, 4 & 5 M, L & XL

Colours: Black

Pros: Nice glide, comfortable, stays in place, good size ranges, inexpensive & unique.

Cons: Snag easily due to denier level, you can wear them for extended times only if you have taken very very good care of them & a lot more care is needed to handle them.

In conclusion I would like to describe these tights to be a little bit of an adventure for me, the adventure of putting them on and not ruining them so soon and the adventure of actually enjoying how they felt on my legs. I am rating these 2.5 out of 5 stars. If you are really into something unique and sheer or just something to wear under your mundane working attire in lieu of your socks.. try these! :)

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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