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In Focus: Knittex Sporty 100den Opaque Footless Tights

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Today we are going to take a deeper look at Knittex's Sporty 100 den Opaque Footless Tights! Knittex is a Polish hosiery brand that has kindly sent me 2 sample pairs of their men's hosiery Sporty & Smart for review and truly I feel really privileged to be probably the first person out of the western hemisphere to review these!

The Sporty footless tights were packaged in a pretty classy way in a rectangular cardboard packaging with the tights wrapped around a card. This happens to be my 3rd time actually trying on Polish Hosiery and I'm really liking them so far! Knittex has categorised these tights as "Meggings" on their website, other than my running footless sports tights, these are my first pair of "Meggings" but I prefer calling them "Leggings" or just "Footless Tights".

The fitting was pretty generous in terms of space in the tights, sheer to toe with no control top, a big gusset that acts a male comfort panel. They seem to be flat seamed as well. Putting them on was pretty easy as they were footless so putting them was like between wearing pants and pantyhose. The finish on these footless tights are leaning more to flat as it doesn't give much of a shine. These tights though made with polyamide or nylon felt quite like cotton to me probably due to the fact that they are 100 denier. These footless tights provide very good heat insulation as the production description on Knittex puts on these. One thing that I really liked about these footless tights were that they could stay up pretty well the entire day! I don't remember having to pull them up from time to time and the fit was really good even though there weren't any Lycra 3D in it. And another good point for these are that you can actually choose to wear these without any undergarment as the gusset itself provides for male hygiene needs.

The opacity was pretty uniformed when standing up, with bent knees you can see on the photo above show a little bit of skin much like 60 den opacity look when it is stretched. These are pretty well made even though it is inexpensive.

Long sleeved top: H&M  Shorts: HUSH PUPPIES  Shoes: TOPMAN  Glasses: H&M  Legwear: KNITTEX   Bag: ZINC   Model & Photographer:  A. LUCIUS. KUNSTWERKE FABRIK

Price: 14.76 Polish Zlotys which equates to about US$4.71 or GBP 3.01

Material Content : 88% Polyamide & 12% Elastane

Sizes:  (See image below)

Colours: Nero 

Pros: Provides good warmth, Inexpensive, generous in size, comfortable & can stay up all day without have the need to pull them up.

Cons: Don't recommend those who are new to hosiery to try them yet as they aren't very easy to put on but with practice and experience it becomes easier & fabric easily gets caught and can cause a slight fabric run on them(I have a caused a little run to the gusset already)hence I recommend wearing gloves to put them on and make sure your nails or rough finger surfaces don't run on them so you can prolong its lifespan(this tip applies to all kind of hosiery)

In conclusion, for a man who isn't into footless tights, these ones really impressed me and I really recommend  these to people who like footless tights and even to men like me who aren't into footless tights to try these too! I mean they aren't very expensive either so.. why not? I give these footless tights a rating of 3.5 out 5 stars. Once again I would like to thank Knittex for providing me these samples and I look forward to reviewing more of their products! 

P.S I hope you don't wear these as a replacement of pants as they really aren't pants at all.

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Andreas Lucius Loh

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  1. Still not sure how I feel bout men in tights, unless we're talking about Robin Hood! ;]