Monday 22 June 2015

Street Legwear Fashion : June #2015

Hi Creative and Fashionable people! 

Welcome to Street Legwear Fashion #June 2015! I was really excited for this month because I tried on yet again something sheer, not skin colour but black sheer! Woot!

This month's Street Legwear Fashion we feature the Emilio Cavallini's Large Spiral Tights! 

I got these from Zohara Tights, I originally wanted to get them from Emilio's main website but it was down on that day only. However Zohara do carry their own unique line of patterned legwear. I decided to up another ante by trying black sheer patterned tights, as you remember last month was a Trasparenze skin colour sheer patterned tights.

It's the first time I'm trying on the Italian-made high fashion Emilio Cavallini's tights, I kinda think that Zohara might have packed it wrongly because they were labelled as Firenze Tights as shown on the plastic sleeve and hence the size label was "One size" but I believe I was given the M/L size scale.

Pulling them on wasn't too difficult but they felt really comfortable as they are partly sheer and partly opaque in a spiral pattern. The toes were very interesting! They weren't your typical reinforced toes but they also feature a spiral pattern too! Here is a photo showing the tights in their entirety. 

No it's not a dress, my shirt was really long you can see it later with the outfit I have done.
Leaving home my mum took a glance down my legs but didn't say much as usual but my mum is very used to me wearing tights. Today I was going to meet my girlfriend to watch The Minions film at a mall in town, meaning more people to ogle at my legs.. Nah just kidding! I didn't feel nervous much actually even though I was commuting on public transport, I did get some looks but nothing much really. So I didn't get much of an encounter. Met my girlfriend and she didn't paid too much notice either but I suppose she wasn't in a very good mood being on that time of the month but yet we had much laughter from The Minions and took some really nice photos for me!

From the photos you can see that these are really cool tights and I think this style suitable for both men and women alike! I decided to go for the black look as I think this tights are quite suitable for the all black look for guys, I wore a long top from H&M and a pair drop crotch pants with high cut sneakers from VANS and my favourite Tiger Head backpack which is always a head turner! Hahaha!

These awesome tights are available at Emilio Cavallini and Zohara both selling at around USD19 a pair, they feature 3 sizes, XS/S, S/M and M/L. Here is a size chart

This tights were bought from the WOMAN's department hence I'm showing the related size chart. Being a guy at 175cm weighing in the 80s kg range, I had no problems fitting on the M/L size. Other main features of these tights include reinforced opaque boxer, cotton gusset and flat seams. The sheer area of the tights are 20 denier and opaque spiral are 60 denier. They are made of 93% Polyamide-Nylon and 7% Elastane-Spandex.

Conclusion, these are one pair of tights that I would wear again and I'm so looking forward to trying other Emilio Cavallini patterned series! Emilio Cavallini does indeed make very good Italian-quality hosiery, not only do they have really awesome patterned tights for women but you might also know that they have produced unisex tights as well! Would I recommend you to buy and try them yourself...? Please do!!! I highly recommend them and I rate them at 5 stars for these! I'm so glad I got up to another ante of wearing patterned sheer tights! 

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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