Sunday 28 September 2014

Outfit of the Week #54

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Outfit of the Week #54! And this week we will be featuring this outfit!

This came from Dougaa's Flickr stream, Doug is also an individual like us who braves the cold with tights and shorts, but that would be a little bit of an understatement, I personally really respect him as veteran who braves the legwear with shorts look. 

Anyways back to our look, I personally think this look is going to turn a lot of heads, due to the fact that he was wearing white shorts and black tights, I really like his leather jacket too, as for the hat I mean whatever floats his boat, but I'm pretty sure he has a some decent hairdo too, the black shirt underneath is fine, I like his low boots, awesome stuff! Thing here is.. would you wear white shorts and black opaque tights? I might!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

1 comment:

  1. Honestly, this is a look that I pull off from time to time. But, instead of white shorts, it's with very light beige cargo shorts which I I see is no different than while. Still a great look!