Sunday 19 October 2014

Weekly Vibe #101

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to 101st Weekly Vibe! I was recently passed on the baton by our friend Hosiery For Men for the Blog Hop. I honestly think this is a great idea, it helps to somehow bond bloggers together, exchanging thoughts and letting fellow bloggers and readers on what's next and what we do! I will be fulfilling this blog during this week and to be honest I am very excited about it!

Recently last Friday it was National Stockings Day and many women in the UK decided to "stocking it up" for Breast Cancer Care, Charnos Hosiery is really championing this with a donation drive as well!. And I think that beyond the profit from sales, I think it is great that corporations also join in the bandwagon of engaging in social responsibility and for that I really respect Charnos Hosiery! 

Photos from Charnos' Facebook page

Although I'm no big fan of stockings but hey, this is really a noble thing to do and I really think National Stockings Day shouldn't just be something that women embrace, men should too! I remember a blogger by the name of Phbalanced proclaimed an International Men In Tights Day on the 1st of November. Why not?

Fan of Gipsy tights and want to have a shapier you? UK Tights have just recently stocked up new Gipsy products! Check them out!

UK Tights also have designer brand Pierre Mantoux special discount of 20% and all you need to do is insert this code PM20 to enjoy 20% discount!

That's all I have for you! Have a great coming week!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh


  1. Thanks for including both National Stockings day and latest offers. It's very kind of you! An International Men in Tights would be great to raise awareness in people wearing tights. Still many men that need tights for healthy reasons feel too embarrassed to talk about it. It's a taboo for many people.
    Luckily, blogs like yours will open minds!
    Thanks again!

  2. You're welcome! Yes awareness is important hence me and Hosiery For Men do our best to blog and more vendors to openly market to men and keep it spreading! :)