Monday 7 September 2015

Street(Sith) Legwear Fashion August 2015

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Street Legwear Fashion August 2015 or should I say Sith Legwear Fashion August 2015? Hahaha! I know it's the month of September already but I couldn't find the time to do it so I decided to feature August's today but it's a little something special this month!

Many of you know of something new I picked up which is lightsaber duelling, a form of swordplay martial arts based on the Kali style, but of course what can be better doing it while wearing tights? And so I did it of course!

I was wearing my normal workout clothes and I teamed up with a pair of Cette Dublin opaque tights and with the Vibram style 5fingers shoes, but.. wait Cette Dublin tights aren't toeless right? Well because I realised that there were already a hole in the toe of the right foot, I decided to trim off just the toe portion and voila! I originally had intended to use the convertible ballet tights from Silky which UK Tights had sent to me for it but unfortunately trying on I realised that my big feet has probably overstrained the convertible hole in the feet causing a small ladder that went up to my right mid heel but man those were really very very silky tights as their brand name suggests! :( I guess I will have to go for the stirrups next time!

I have to say that the Vibram style 5 Fingers shoes is indeed very interesting and I found myself being more manoeuvrable in them but I found that I really really should cut my toenails!

I have uploaded a video of my duel with a friend, you could see very clearly I'm wearing tights in that video and I was a lot faster than my previous duels, now what I really need are good support toeless tights!

I just got one or two comments from my fellow Lightsaber mates but mostly on the shoes... I just let my Lightsaber do the talking.. Hahaha!

I'm the one with the red lightsaber staff, bottom left.

Overall I feel great in this outfit not need to wearing my knee length pants again! Shorts, Tights and 5 finger shoes are the way to go!

May the Force serve you!
Darth Arditeb (Hahahahaha!)

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  1. Wow, great look and great idea for those tights that get holes in them at the toe!