Tuesday 6 October 2015

Weekly Vibe #147

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #147! Sorry for the delay, I was away and my computer had some issues and probably still do have issues(GFX card problems)

The haze is still bad but I got myself a really nice looking respirator from Respro!

Someone was telling me I could cosplay as the Winter Soldier... Hahahaha!

Autumn is here and one of my favourite hosiery brands Wolford has released their long awaited Autumn/Winter series of tights and you can get them from UK Tights!

So far what caught my eyes were the Abigail and Laisa tights!

UK Tights have started stocking up new autumn collections from Jonathan Aston, Aristoc and Levante!

For the coming week I'm planning to do a special feature with one of our readers soon! Hopefully the haze stops soon!

That's all I have for you this week!

May the haze leave us soon!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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