Monday 1 October 2012

In Focus: ADRIAN Grating Tights

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Here is my review on ADRIAN's Grating Tights:

I ordered this and the ADRIAN City Tights from Legwear4men back in last month. At first look it is pretty similar to the ADRIAN City Tights as they are both 60 denier. I got an L size for this one. At first look, its waistband looks like what you would find in a Calvin Klein boxer shorts. The first thing I did was to wash them and I hung them dry for the night. At first feel putting them on... it felt just a tiny bit tight which is pretty normal due to the Lycra content. After pulling them up. It feels pretty durable and it feels soft on my legs. The seams were flat and the Argyle pattern goes all the way up ending at the waistband. After wearing it awhile with shorts, these are sheer to waste with reinforced toes. The patterns were stitched on. I pretty almost forgot I had them on as I was out... until I moved my legs as I was standing in public transport. So far, I'm only getting a few looks, well the sort of looks where my legs are the daydreaming point. However after I got home and washed them, I noticed something...the patterns started showing signs of slight fraying. And I noticed that the fraying were only at my thighs where my shorts had coverage on, the patterns that were exposed didn't have any frays(probably caused by constant rubbing as I was walking) I suppose I would be paying more than £9.99 if the patterns weren't stitched on but printed...

Slight fraying can be seen on the gray pattern.

Overall I would say I'm pretty pleased with the ADRIAN Grating Tights, I probably will order the other colour at a larger size.

Blazer: RE WORK Checkered Shirt: UNIQLO Glasses: H&M  Shorts: THOMAS SMITH Tights: ADRIAN Shoes: TOPMAN
  Model & Photographer: A. LUCIUS. KUNSTWERKE

Price: £9.99

Material content: 60 Denier Tights 85% Polyamide and 15% Lycra

Sizes offered: M to XL

Colours: Black/Grey and Navy/Denim

Pros: Soft, Good opacity coverage, economical for a European brand, good male comfort panel

Cons: Lacks stretchable qualities, Fraying of patterns due to abrasion with shorts


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