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Men wearing Pantyhose on Montreal Gazette

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Montreal Gazette's Jillian posted up an article on "Men wearing Pantyhose: Design Preferences?"

Here is an excerpt from the post, you can read more here 

"Oh, why not . . . file this under Give the People What They Want . . .

As previously mentioned, there is tremendous interest in the Men Wearing Pantyhose topic. It’s not about transgenderism. Men who like to wear pantyhose most often do not have gender identity issues: they are simply men who like to wear pantyhose. And why not?

I’m told there are products being designed for them, something called “mantyhose.” I’m wondering if many men are wearing them, or if they prefer products initially designed for women?

And would men who wear pantyhose like to see more sports themes on their hose, such as images of hockey players or racing cars or footballs or whatever?

This post is for you, guys. Feel free to talk about your interest in the subject. I’ll post your comments either in this entry and/or in a separate entry, depending on how many comments come in.



Send comments to "

I took the liberty emailing her my comments which went like this...

"Hi Jillian!

I wear legwear as part of fashion, I’m mostly inspired by Givenchy, Agnès B & many others(See here, and in fact I actually run a Legwear Fashion For Men blog Well preference wise… I have been trying out some brands that are designed for men and some designed for women, and for men specfically, I really like Activskin because it really has the male anatomy in mind and they are made so much more rugged because men are rough and rugged. I haven’t been trying many female styles but I am starting to.. due to the fact that male styles generally go more expensive than females so mostly for men, they would order an extra size and I like the fact that there are a number of online hosiery stores that have male tights category, take Tights Please for example, in fact the tights that were stocked there were most female styles with plus sizes. I’m glad that you stated that “Men who like to wear pantyhose most often do not have gender identity issues: they are simply men who like to wear pantyhose. And why not?” Nice one Jillian!

(One more thought): I think tattoo patterned tights would be nice! Not the flowery ones…


Feel free to write in too! I like the fact that Jillian has shed very positive light on Legwear for men! More men are starting to come out with their own opinions about legwear wearing patterns! In my opinion for now, for men to wear legwear is a very niche thing.. not every men will wear or try them for sometimes obvious aesthetic reasons.. but this legwear trend is picking up with the fashion forward men!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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  1. Fantastic post, A.L.L.! I just loved Jillian's positive light on the subject, too. I will definitely post a comment to her at the Montreal Gazette, and I urge ALL other men who wear to also post a comment as it will show her readers just how powerful our numbers are. And thanks again, Andreas, for continuing to bring these articles to our attention that may otherwise go missed. Lastly, may I be among the first to wish you and your readers a Blessed Holiday Season! Nicholas :)