Sunday, 25 November 2012

Weekly Vibe #4

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

This week was pretty awesome for me, I remember preparing to leave home on a Saturday, and my sister spotted me with cargo pants and Activskin's A894 Camouflaged tights and she commented.. "Nice socks! Where did you get them from!?" And I said.. "They aren't socks..." and before I could say where I got them from, she commented "They are stockings? Oh my God." I was pretty much laughing out loud in my heart. Well it wasn't really the first time she saw me wearing tights, her usual reaction would always be "Oh my God!" and this reaction to me isn't negative but hilarious.. Hahaha! And so I wore them out going for a World Of Tanks(MMO Game) tournament held in Singapore with my clan mates, and I was pretty surprised that they commented nothing about what was on my legs.. but the best part was.. our team emerged the 2nd place!

I'm in the middle!

A few days before I read an interesting post from Jessica's blog Fantasy Stockings about a 72 year old grandfather from China who helped his granddaughter model for her new teen clothing line, here are some photos! 

It is really pretty awesome if you ask me! You can read more here Grandfather modeling a teen clothing line in China

That's all for the week!

Thank you for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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  1. Hi! Thanks for mentioning that! I was also totally thrilled with this grandpa story.