Friday, 9 November 2012

How do you behave/How do I behave with legwear

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

I'm sure some of you people out there wonder how did I achieve that level of boldness to wear legwear with short pants in the public. And so how to behave in public places for men who wears legwear with shorts?

Well to start off.. a little about my personality, I'm pretty much an artistic person and my day job is a photographer. And I believe very strongly in creativity, I portray myself to be unique individual, I enjoy to engage myself in conversations with people in my leisure time. I'm also considered to be a metrosexual man, in other words I enjoy shopping for clothes and look good outwardly. And so when I accessorise myself with hose, I will portray myself as being fashionably unique, not every men will or can wear hosiery, just like not all men will wear kilts. I would clothe myself in a way that the attention wouldn't be just on my legs, but on every single part of my body. So I would wear unique shirts, shades, style up my hair, nice shorts + hose and nice shoes(Matching them with the right colour is another story)

Style by Songzio (2011)

When I go out I would normally portray myself as walking down the runway like a model(of course without really swaggering like one...Hahaha!), walking confidently not being conscious of what I'm wearing on my legs, in fact if I do actually bother about people reactions, but in fact there aren't really much looks to my legs because my other clothing items have already "overpowered" the look of my legs. It's more of being yourself than being aware of people, just behave like how you normally would without hose.

Style by Reserva (2011)

My conclusion is in other words, be yourself and slay the demons in your head! Dress fashionably and look confident!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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  1. Nice post!!! great looks!!!
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