Saturday 2 May 2015

Street Legwear Fashion : #Mayday 2015!

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome Street Legwear Fashion #May 2015! I have to apologise for missing out on March and April! Well I suppose we aren't always masters of our time! But alas as May the 1st was Labour Day, I had the time to do it and my girlfriend was there to help too! Sadly she wasn't able to find the Kisses pattern tights I got her the last time so this time it's just me!

This time we feature the Trasparenze Grammy tights!

I got these pair from UK Tights for my birthday actually, it was kind of like a wanting to try something new, something out of the usual, and actually most of the time I'd purchase opaque tights but hey another year older, why not something new? 

Well to start off, it's actually my first pair from Trasparenze too and a first sheer pair of patterned tights too and I wasn't disappointed with their quality! I decided go with a black T-shirt and a black pair of patterned shorts and really I tell you, the moment I left home and headed to the metro, it's like suddenly you become the centre of attention, I'm not too sure if the commuters were staring at my legs or my Tiger headed backpack but I noticed eyes were down at my legs and I just really wonder what goes on in their heads... perhaps tattoo!? cool tights!?

So anyways I was standing at the metro station of my destination waiting for my girlfriend and I took a little artistic reflection shot of my legs and Instagram'ed it and voila shortly my girlfriend came up behind me and said.. "Cool tights!!!"

Well at first my girlfriend who actually spotted me from behind she couldn't make out from far what I was wearing and maybe thought they were tattoos? And I guess that probably was maybe the many intrigued faces? 

And so we set off to photo location and grabbed some really cool shots along the path to Esplanade Theatres at the Bay!

Photos were shot by my girlfriend and edited by myself

I mean you could tell it from the photos here too, they don't look like tights at all! Well one reason actually to state is that these colour of these tights were matched very close to my skin colour that you almost couldn't see any difference until upclose! The funniest encounter we both had was as we were walking along the corridor of outside of a restaurant and we saw this guy seated in the restaurant with eyes wide open and lower jaw on the floor.. well not literally of course.. Hahaha! And we both had a laugh! What an encounter! 

Here's an upclose shot of my legs along with my girlfriend's legs with no hosiery on.

As you can see upclose, you could actually see the slight sheen on them, and what really amazed were that these patterns aren't printed on but were knitted reinforced patterns! Such awesomely well made! And really these tights though 15 denier and sheer but seem well made and are pretty robust too, made up of 93% Polyamide and 7% Elastane. It features reinforced brief that is opaque black knit the same way as the patterns as well, reinforced toes that go with the patterns too! And the seams flat.  I really like the fact that they featured a gusset as well for better durability and pretty worth the money! These tights come in 2 colours, Skin(Cosmetica) and Black colour(Nero) and I got one L sized and in Skin colour and it fit me pretty well at 1.75m tall and at 80ish kg.

And I believe at this juncture, you'd really love to get your hands one of them! But unfortunately since these tights are so awesome, they are pretty much out of stock at UK Tights and other online hosiery retailers even at Trasparenze online store(That's how popular it is!) But no worries! You could try Amazon which goes at US$18.56 a pair. 

Man I really don't mind having another pair, probably in black! In conclusion I really like these pair of tights and wearing these have broken another frontier for me as well and that means I'm looking for more patterned sheer tights too! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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