Monday, 18 May 2015

Weekly Vibe #129

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #129! This week was very "foodful" week for me, I think I kinda really ate too much this week! I had like a Shabu(Japanese hotpot) on Wednesday and Sunday lunch was Jjigae Chongol(Korean hotpot) and dinner was Korean style fried chicken! 

Oh and actually dinner was with my girlfriend's family! And I was wearing tights and I wasn't wearing black opaques as they were the best choice for "stealth" but I was wearing these!

And seriously I was hoping none of them took notice but they did!!! Oh my GOSH!!! Well I didn't expect I was going dine with her siblings plus their spouses their kids and their mum on that day! But anyways it turned out pretty cool! They didn't give that weird face, at first they thought that my shoes were that cool then my girlfriend uttered out.. "Yeah they are actually stockings! And he has his own blog that's really popular overseas and he gets support from hosiery retailers too!" And my girlfriend's eldest sister was like.. "Wow that's so good!" Man... seriously what an ordeal! But you know what? That meant I could comfortably wear tights freely and openly with them around! Man seriously what an awesome girlfriend I have!! Love her! 

Anyways now to our hosiery deals report! UK Tights is having a Buy One Get One 1/2 Price for their Wolford Satin Touch 20 Tights & Knee Highs

Wow looks like they are really full steam ahead selling these as this isn't their first time promoting this product!

Last but not the least, Tightsplease is having a flash sale for their fashion line of tights with up to 40% off selected items!

Well that's all I have for you this week! Have a great coming week!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh


  1. It's great to have the support of your girlfriend and her family. Sometimes it's all you need to feel like part of the family. We're happy for you. By the way, that food looks awesome!

    Thanks again for sharing our post. Speak soon!


    Marta. UK Tights

    1. Absolutely right Marta! Best part is she does the explaining for me! What a girl! Thanks for commenting and always a pleasure to share!

      Best Wishes,