Monday, 12 October 2015

Street Legwear Fashion VIII

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Street Legwear Fashion VIII! With the haze in Singapore dissipating and feeling better physically(still not feeling my best) I managed to do a Street Legwear Fashion post!

And in this edition we will be looking at the Tiffany Quinn Sheer Front Stripe Tights!

These were very kindly sent to by UK Tights in fact they sent me another pair for the blog anniversary! I had my eyes on these when they were first shown on UK Tights' site, I had been wearing mostly opaques and wanted to push the envelope to wear sheers with shorts but also not in stealth mode, on deliberate "show off" mode. I wanted to show guys that "Hey if you are brave enough you can wear these too!"

I really like the way Tiffany Quinn packages their hosiery and I really like the tagline "Dare to Wear" on their package. Hell yeah! I dare to wear! 

However since there was still the haze, I decided to pair my outfit with a cool looking Respro Sportsta respirator and voila I looked like a ninja or a Sith... with sheer patterned tights! Hahaha!

Man I really liked this look! I was wearing a T-shirt with Japanese Yakuza patterns and a pair of spacey patterned shorts and mid-cut sneakers.

I was given a pair in M/L, these tights fit me well(my height is 1.75m and weigh 88kg). Some things I noticed about them are that you can wear them both ways as the seams are just patterned on one side which means you could wear them front or back facing. The stripe patterns I realised are not printed but woven in which is really cool like having different deniers with every stripe pattern which also helps for hosiery durability too and not get any colour fading if they were printed.

Closeup on legs
These tights feature a reinforced top and reinforced toes but do not feature a gusset(which I personally still prefer having) they are 15 denier(on the sheer areas) made of 95% Polyamide and 5% Elastane. They overall feel fine, you might feel a little bit of the itch at first caused from the patterns but eventually it wouldn't bother you as you have them on long enough, I also would recommend using a little fabric softener to make it less irritating to the skin. Costing at GBP 6.99 a pair and they comes in 2 sizes S/M and M/L these Tiffany Quinn tights are really awesome as they really do cause that "turn head" or "eyes to the legs" effect on people. If you are really looking for something rad and new to try, these do make a good candidate! 

I hope you guys do try them!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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