Tuesday 25 September 2012

Special Spotlight: Interview with Brain&Beast - Barcelona

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Legwear Fashion For Men has recently done an exclusive interview with Spanish Fashion label Brain & Beast from Barcelona. Enjoy the read!

1)Can you provide the readers at Legwear Fashion For Men with some background information about yourself, your label and your career as a Fashion designer? - I have studied fashion design at Madrid and London. After finishing my studies and working for different mainstream brands, I decided to start my own project. First I was established in Madrid but after 5 years I moved to Barcelona and I found Cesar and Veronica ... my partners in Brain&Beast. Since then, we show our collections in 080 Barcelona Fashion Week and at every six months we sell our clothes in Paris , we also have recently launched our ONLINE STORE, www.brainandbeast.bigcartel.com

Brain&Beast Collection otoño-invierno 2011/2012

2) What was your inspiration behind the Brain&Beast Collection otoño-invierno 2011/2012? - The name was MAGIC. Things that hide things, illusions, the main topic was "everything is possible"!


3) In your Brain&Beast Collection otoño-invierno 2011/2012, I have noticed that with some of the male models, you have used tights as part of the style with shorts. As we all know that tights are usually worn by women, what motivated you to use tights as part of your designs? - It was part of the inspiration ... girls will be boys and boys can be girls, sometimes ,,, there is no border between masculine and feminine ... Lets try to pass old ideas about whats right in your wardrobe ,,, fell free!
Brain&Beast Collection otoño-invierno 2011/2012

4) In the recent years many designers such as Givenchy, Antonio Azzuolo, Prada, Miharayasuhiro, Agnès B. and also another Spanish designer Selim de Somavilla have been using tights/hosiery for their menswear collections, did their works influence you to feature hosiery or were you inspired by other factors? - We really admire all of them but someone´s work has never been part of our inspiration ... we try to follow our own concept and we think its part of a normal development in menswear fashion to take things from classic womenswear attitudes ...

5) Did you use any particular brand of hosiery for the Brain&Beast Collection otoño-invierno 2011/2012? - Thick ones! Winter is cold!

6) Has there been any positive feedback on your inclusion of adding hosiery as part your collection for male models? Also how did your male models react to putting them on?
- They were behaving quite normal! It was not a handicap!

Brain&Beast Collection otoño-invierno 2011/2012

7) Tights were, of course, originally won by men. In recent years they are clearly to be coming popular again - for their comfort and practicality, as well as a fashion trend. Do you see this trend continuing and tights for men becoming more mainstream? - Straight guys could be more openminded but ... there is such a big social pressure about the right man ... u know ...

8) There has been a huge amount of media coverage of 'mantyhose' (tights and pantyhose for men) in recent months, with some brands, such as Emilio Cavallini, now marketing tights as unisex. Do you have any plans to create a line of men's or unisex tights? - We would love to....

9) Do you think collections such as yours are encouraging men to be more adventurous in how they dress? - We try to offer pieces that help you to be happier ... getting a Brain&Beast item should be a pleasure...

10) What plans do you have for the future? Are you working on ideas for further collections? 
- Actually we are currently working on our new resort collection that will be launched in Nov 2012 and next winter 2013-2014 collection, the show will be on Jan 2013 and it seems far ... but january will arrive soon!

Thank you Angel for taking the time to answer these questions, I hope that our readers at Legwear Fashion For Men Blog will enjoy reading and looking at your works and we hope to hear more from you in your future collections where you might feature men's hosiery in your works!

Take a peek at
Brain&Beast's online store at www.brainandbeast.bigcartel.com

Thank you for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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