Tuesday 18 September 2012

Miharayasuhiro Fall / Winter 2012/2013

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As I was looking through Men wearing Tights with Shorts tumblr page and started looking through at some fashion designers shows on Youtube, I watched Miharayasuhiro's Fall / Winter 2012/2013 show and I noticed some styles actually featured hosiery to a certain degree.

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Here is a video of Miharayasuhiro Fall / Winter 2012/2013 show:

One could notice that many fashion designers are starting to integrate hosiery as part of menswear. Earlier today I had a conversation with Rob Stephenson, a fellow advocate of mens hosiery about wearing tights out; and we both came to a conclusion that if there is anyway to make this trend of making men wear hosiery something of a mainstream, it is just to treat it as it is already mainstream. Just keep on wearing it out, don't act too suspicious and weird about yourself wearing it. Just treat it like as if you don't have them on at all if you want.. in fact actually you might even forget that you have them on at all in the first place if you have. worn them for hours. I'm sure you will get the looks and all.. I mean come on.. it is pretty normal. Just remember the first woman started wearing pants.. what she did was she just wore them like as if they were already mainstream though it was somehow thought to be scandalous.

I'd say.. just start wearing it out! If you want tasteful fashion tips on how to wear them out, just on a lookout for this blog or check out how fashion designers match them with various different clothing.

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Andreas Lucius Loh

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