Tuesday 4 September 2012

The Genesis

Greetings all! I am Andreas or some may call me Lucius by my middle name, I am an Artist who works as a Photographer in a Baby Photography Studio based in Singapore. I have a website for my artistic services on here.

The reason why I came up with this blog is because I feel that there is more to menswear than just the typical suits, shirts, tie and shoes. My main focus here would be the controversial and not-so-new pantyhose for men.. or some coin it as "Mantyhose" along with other apparels for men. I have been inspired by many bloggers such as Hosiery For Men, Hosiery Advocate & Tights For Men who mostly do reviews on various hosiery that would fit men. The one thing that really pushed me to start this has got to be attending the ACA(American Creativity Association) Conference 2012 at Singapore late August in 2012. Challenged to be creative, I decided to do and start something new and creative.

I have always liked the look and the feel of tights, it gives a very nice and smooth finish to the wearer's legs portraying perfection to the legs. And of course not to mention the warmth, comfort and medical benefits some patterns would give. Most importantly, there are much more to play with in terms of mixing and matching with other clothes, now I'm not looking at crossdressing but mixing tastefully and correctly with other mens' apparel. (For the record, I am Straight and as straight as a metal ruler could be.)

I have to say that I really admire Chan Kraemer the owner of Mantyhose.net who have in a way paved the way for "Mantyhose" to be made known to the world that men too can don tights and look great and manly at the same time! I also salute the famous Italian fashion designer Emilio Cavallini who came up with bold and yet creative styles of unisex pantyhose!
Photo of Chan Kraemer from Mantyhose.net

Image from Emilio Cavalini's website http://www.emiliocavallini.com
I see Men's Hosiery like how Elizabeth Smith Miller(1822-1911) saw with pants, just in case if you don't know who she is.. she was the first woman also a Women's Right Advocate and financial supporter who wore pants and that caused a reform in women's dress code... with repercussions of course.. one could imagine the persecutions she would have faced. But look now! Women wear pants freely without being sniggered at. 

Designs by French Designer Yves Saint Laurent

I would like to end with a quote by George Bernard Shaw:

Thank you for reading as I had the pleasure of blogging it! :)

Andreas Lucius Loh


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging about legwear fashion for men. It is good to have another active participant in this arena; the more we can promote the concept of men wearing tights and pantyhose as everyday attire the sooner we will gain widespread acceptance.

    I wish you every success with your new blog and look forward to watching it grow and develop.

  2. Thank you for starting up this blog! Just like Sheergeek, the more bloggers we have out there showing that it is ok for men to wear tights and hosiery, the more acceptable it will become. We need more "ambassadors" out there to show how WE wear them and WE can make it look normal. Cheers my friend!

    Rob SpeedKing

    1. Thanks Rob! :) You could accelerate the process by starting a blog too! You seem like the Rocker kind of guy I believe. Would be cool that you came out with styles incorporating your personality. :)