Sunday 24 March 2013

Weekly Vibe #20

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to the 20th edition of Weekly Vibe! This week has been full of ups and downs for me, mostly the downs, but thank God I'm looking at the bright side of things! I'm really glad I finally started the LFFM Digest early this week, I actually took a month or so to write the first one actually, the reason why I took that long was that I needed a lot of research and relevant pictures and of course not to mention.. the "disease" of procrastination. But I hope you guys actually enjoy reading the 1st LFFM Digest! 

In the recent news, there has been buzz about  Mantyhose in New York, you could read all about it here. So far the reactions are quite mixed. Well I feel that Mantyhose is a very niche fashion item, not every man will dare to wear them or get caught wearing them with shorts. I had an interesting experience myself last evening, I had on one of the Charnos Navy Blue Opaques with cargo length shorts and when I boarded the train bound home, I noticed 2 Caucasian women looking at me and giggling. Hahahahaha! I really could care less personally. I'm sure if I wore a Ushanka, I will most likely get the same reaction. It is a common trend for artists to be dressed differently, just look at fashion designers, photographers, painters & anyone in the art scene, we stand out! Why be normal and be someone else? We want to be ourselves and people.. just be yourself because everyone else is taken! 

Chan Kraemer, one of the pioneers and the driving force and also my personal inspiration has revamped the site. It looks pretty neat right now! I really liked one of the articles he wrote about "Pantyhose For Men / Mantyhose: Not unisex fashion.":

"It’s an old question: are mantyhose just rebranded women’s pantyhose? Are these guys wearing ladies’ garment at the end? Chan Kraemer, founder of (formerly: says he doesn’t want to see mantyhose as some kind of crossdressing issue.
“Its genuine male fashion, intented for everyday men” he says. “It’s no way about the weakening of the male idea. Men have strong, muscular legs. Show your mantyhose-decorated legs and you’re saying: here are my legs, they are strong enough to carry me, and I am carrying the whole world – my family, my job, and all the others who rely on me.”
“Its not a surprise that men used to show their legs for centuries, if not for millenia, as a symbol of their strength and manhood. And yes, ladies do find the male legs sexy.”
My salute and hat's off to Chan! I would really love to meet and talk to him in person! For the men out there who have hosiery as part of their fashion wardrobe, Chan has got to be the best inspiration!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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