Monday 24 November 2014

Outfit of the Week #62

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

This week's Outfit of the Week we are featuring a sporty attire this time!

Thanks to Nat for the photo

Just in case you do not of who I am referring to, it is the model to the right side of the photo.. well not a model.. which actually turns out to be me... Hahaha! Well I was wearing the specially made dri-fit T-shirt that was given to me, running shorts(Which we call them FBT shorts) and Activskin A866 full support tights with fly.

"FBT" shorts
The "FBT" shorts provided really solid flexibility while running and for my case, running plus climbing the 73 storey high hotel and the A866 tights by Activskin provided support to my legs as I scaled up all the way to the top! 

This outfit style will be recommended for our friends who live in the western hemisphere to try during summer as it's getting really cold there now. 

Would you do it?

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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