Sunday 16 November 2014

Weekly Vibe #105

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #105! If you all remembered about the Pyour sport tights that as shared on last week, I got good news! One of our German readers, Andreas shared a similar range of products in a comment from last week's Weekly Vibe, just in case you didn't get to see it, here are some of their products:

These tights are from Airoon, a brand from Italy, they mainly produce tights for sports like skiing snowboarding, running and even for hunting. The coolest thing has to be that they make them for both men women and children too! Personally I really like their hunting tights, have a look here:

These tights retail at Tuttostore ranging from 50 to 60 Euros a pair, not the cheapest I would say, but they look really great though! 

Aristoc fans should take note! Get them for your lovely wives or girlfriends their new Aristoc Ultimate Matt Range, and at UK Tights they are having buy one get one at half the price.

At Tightsplease for the coming winter they are also offering a buy one get one at half price for their Aristoc range of opaque tights

That's all I have for you all! Have a blessed week ahead!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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