Monday 12 January 2015

Weekly Vibe #113

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Weekly Vibe #113! My apologies that this post was a day late as I returned home really late after watching Exodus: Gods and Kings and I had to turn in early as I had to send my Mum off to the Airport early in the morning at 5am. 

I was looking through my emails and I was pleasantly surprised to see what Tightsplease have posted up:

Wow! I remember a few months back writing to Tightsplease to include a catalogue page for Men(which they did in their former website) and it's really glad to know they have implemented it! It may seem trivial for some but for men who are feels unsure about trying tights or even wanting to look through with his spouse or girlfriend on a tights website, this really really helps to dispel the "Crossdressing" stigma. Personally I really like the picture they got up featuring their new Men's page in the email!(By the way the tights the model is spotting on do look like CdR's Uppsala tights) 

And since we are on subject of a catalogue, UK Tights is having a special buy 2 and get the 2nd pair at half price deal on their Fogal 30 Opaque Collection.

The Fogal 50 tights have sizes up to XL and hence it's very suitable for men! 

And oh my gosh, I actually gasped at it, UK Tights is having a 50% off their Wolford A/W 2014 fashion collection tights and it's the largest amount of discount ever they have given for a luxury brand like Wolford! COOL!!! Discounts on Wolford products don't happen all the time so get them before it ends!

That's all I have for you!
Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh


  1. Thanks for sharing our two huge promotions! It's great to see other companies are opening to men in tights! We totally support men wearing tights for fashion! Hopefully, manufacturers will also realise of this and we get to see more pictures of male models, too.

    Thanks again. Have a great weekend Andreas! Cheers

  2. The pleasure is always mine! Actually many manufacturers know that but it's too niche of a market and past few years many fashion designers have used leggings and tights as accessories on men for their runways. I'm starting to see men my age or younger not share to wear legwear, sometimes leggings and maybe tights but I can't see because they wore high cut sneakers or boots. Thanks for being a support to us men who wear hosiery!

    Have a blessed week ahead!