Friday 23 January 2015

Street Legwear Fashion #January 2015

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Street Legwear Fashion January 2015!! First post of the year! This month we are featured once again as a couple!

Models : Andreas & A. Love

This January's Street Legwear Fashion, we feature the Wolford Opaque 70 tights that were kindly sent by UK Tights and it's currently on a limited time deal at 18.99 GBP and these tights are seasonal as well so grab them before they return again in season!

Currently at UK Tights, these tights come in only one colour(Black) with 3 sizes in UK Tights, M, L and XL. I tested a pair in XL and my girlfriend in M. 

Our foots! 
Personally I know how great Wolford tights are and the Wolford Opaque 70 Tights are no exception either but I decided ask my girlfriend and here is what she had to say about them. She personally feels that these tights are very soft to touch but yet feel durable at the same time, due to the fact they are so well-woven, they feel like non-run tights. One can wear them often as they can last for many many wears! I got her an M to be safe so it was a little longer for her but however out of 5 stars she rated them 5 stars as well! These are indeed really great tights! It's really well worth the money! And you should get them too!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

P.S She is so pretty! :)


  1. Looks fantastic on both of y'all! It is so cool that both of you go out together in tights.

  2. You guys make a beautiful couple! Keep it up!

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  3. I like how you paired the tights with the shorts