Monday 27 July 2015

Street Legwear Fashion #July 2015

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to Street Legwear Fashion #July 2015! This month we are featuring leggings by Silky! 

Images copyright Legwear International.

These lovely leggings Silky Leather Look Leggings and Silky Blaze Leggings were kindly sent by our good friends from UK Tights

I went with the Silky Leather Look leggings and my girlfriend went for the Silky Blaze leggings, these leather look leggings happened to be my first pair of its kind, and I must say I was quite excited for them and it was also a little bit of change for me as I wore tights most of the time. 

At close up and even from afar this leather look leggings do really look leather and it also provides the same leather feel from the inside AND the outside too! 

I requested a size L for them and the fit was good, it wasn't baggy and loose, there is also room along the waist area. At 150 denier they provide warmth as well and that's a good thing for the coming colder months soon! These are made out of 90% Polyamide and 10% Spandex and yes indeed because of the spandex they stretch well and you don't need to pull them up as they don't roll down as you wear them throughout the day.

The same sentiments were shared with the Silky Blaze Leggings, the colours are really rich and bright, they also fit well, roomy waist area and they don't roll down easily too, these are made out of 100% Polyamide and at 150 denier these provide warmth as well, ample size along the waist area.

Photo by Alex
These leggings are priced pretty decent at 8.99GBP a pair or US14.00 a pair, they come in 3 sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large. And other than just these 2 styles UK Tights also stock up 4 other styles in Silky new line of leggings. 

One of the things I realised are that they bunch up along my kneecap area which you can see in the picture on the top, I personally think it's fine as it gives a unique creative look. In conclusion I feel that these leggings are great and really worth the money if you are looking for a leather look leggings and not wanting to pay the money to buy big brand leather leggings. I highly recommend them! 

Whee! Happy Legs!
Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh


  1. So cool!
    Will you be sharing more pics? They look so cool on both of you! :)

    1. Actually that's all because she wasn't feeling too well.. :(