Tuesday 19 January 2016

Special Outfit of the Week feature: Mitch #January 2016

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Welcome to a Special Outfit of the Week post! Many of you might have read about me talking about a special representative for Legwear Fashion For Men and today we finally got the feature and this time we feature a possible long term partner, Mitch on the plate!

We are also looking at reviewing the special Non-No Water/Wind Resistant 80 Denier Opaque Tights from Taiwan.

Both Mitch and I have worn and will be giving our opinions on these tights.

It is actually the very first pair of tights Mitch owns and to be honest I feel these are really a great pair of tights. According to him these tights feels soft and silky, great plus points are that they are comfortable and warm coupled with the pros that it's water and wind resistant which makes it great for colder climates. However he finds them a little warm for a warm climate like Singapore, asking him if he would wear them often, he said yes and if it would recommend the readers.. yes he would! In conclusion he rated them 4 out of 5 stars.

Water Resistant properties

Model: Mitch. K, Photographer: A. Lucius

Now from my personal take on these tights, these tights also feature some support on the knee area, great features I felt are that they really really stretch well and totally no problems fitting me, I also like the fact that though these tights are pretty cheap they also feature a nice gusset comparable to that you see in Charnos 60 denier opaque tights, the water resistant fibres are a German engineered feature by Bionic Finish. The opaque coverage is awesome and very uniform as you can see from Mitch's legs, as described on the cover, it is 80 denier with 110 denier kind of coverage on the legs.

They really stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Not much is written about fabric composition on these tights, however it is clear that spandex is most likely present in these tights, cons for these tights I would say are that so far I am only able procure them from Taiwan by being there and possibly asking a friend who is visiting there to get me a pair.. however I did source that Taobao was selling them in 6 pairs at 265 RMB which is about US$40 which is pretty expensive and that still excludes shipping overseas and I actually bought this from a lifestyle store in Taiwan for about USD$4 a pair, can you imagine USD$4 for such great quality tights? It's insane!

These tights come in 3 colours, black, dark grey and navy blue and come in 2 sizes Normal (Fits up to waist 85cm - 110cm, height 150cm - 180cm) and M-LL (Fits up to waist 90cm -115cm, height 155cm - 185cm)

In conclusion, I would say.. go buy an air ticket to Taiwan take an nice tour to Taiwan(it's really a very beautiful country with very nice food, polite people and nice pretty women you see in tights 90% of the time)and if you are a fan of black opaque tights like me, get a pair and try them and if you like them, get dozens of them and while you're at it get me some as well!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

P.S Thanks Mitch!


  1. Just a few questions...
    Would these tights have a size for tall people (like 180+ cm), or are they for Asian sizes (European childrens sizes) only?
    Water resistant - does that mean they are less damaged if worn wet in the rain? Has anyone tried to swim in tights?

  2. Yes these tights would have a size for tall people even. As my height is 183 cm and i was not finding than someone told me about http://www.waistcincherwholesale.com/ It's an on-line shopping store and you would find good variety as reasonable prices.