Monday 4 January 2016

Weekly Vibe #158

Hi Creative and Fashionable people!

Happy New Year and this is 2016's first Weekly Vibe! As you might have read that I was in on a holiday to Taiwan and Vietnam and I just got back a few days ago! If you have followed my Instagram you would have seen many of the photos I shared, if you haven't here are some photos!

While I was commuting in Kaohsiung's metro system I noticed that they have got a special anime mascot for marketing and man I could helping but drool.. and yes I do love anime girls.. Hahaha! Too bad they aren't real..

Enter this..

And of course the mascot train driver just had to wear black tights with her outfit! Hahaha!

And needless to say in my time in Kaohsiung and Hanoi it was no surprise to find the local women in tights and hosiery and the guys in leggings too! That's an awesome sight to be honest!When I was in Taiwan I checked out one of their special lifestyle shops called "POYA" which also sells a huge range of hosiery literally hundreds of them with Taiwanese made and China made brands and guess what? They got a special men's section too! 

I was really peeling my eyes for water and wind resistant tights which one of our readers have suggested and I have featured as well and finally after 30 mins of searching and not looking awkward to the female shoppers near me, I found them and I took 6 pairs leaving just 1 pair left on the shelf.. Hahaha!

They sell pretty cheap too! Like US$4 a pair and how could I resist? I will be doing a special review on this soon! 4 pairs for me and the 2 other pairs for friends! :)

Here is a introduction video to it if you haven't seen it!

And meanwhile since I was searching on Youtube for that video I found another cool looking sheer tights!

It seems to be "poke proof"! Check out the video!

V. Vienna "Strength and Elastic" sheer tights

V. Vienna "Light and Breathe" sheer tights

When I do get where they sell them I would post it up! 

Needless to say I really enjoyed myself in Taiwan! I spent one night in Hanoi and I enjoyed the nice coffee and bread along with some very exotic food!

Had lovely beef Pho, fried worm-like stuff and barbecued quail! Interesting indeed!

I'd totally go back to Taiwan again and again during winter! Totally miss Taiwan even now!

January seems like a great time for sale and looks almost every online hosiery retailers are doing that and check out UK Tights doing a January sale at up to 80% off with over 150 products!

Tights and More are also doing as 10% off all items in their store

Well that is all I have for you this new week! May this year be great for everyone!!

Thanks for reading!
Andreas Lucius Loh

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