Thursday, 18 July 2013

Boys and Men Legwear throughout recent history and now!

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As I was googling around I found a really interesting Flickriver page that belonged to Karl'sfriend and in it contained a treasure trove of very insightful photos of boys and men in legwear, and no, not the ones you will see from the renaissance but as late as recently and as way back as the early 1900s to 1940s and up to right now!

Here are some photos:

For more photos look here!

After seeing these photos, I'm sure anyone would be so convinced that the idea of males wearing tights isn't at all anything new, I mean some children regardless of gender in Russia wears tights for warmth. And the fact that it has been so throughout the times and no one really noticed until suddenly opaque tights became suddenly popular during 2008 for women and we all know suddenly every women started wearing opaques at work, and for fun. Well not to mention, with men started to "re-pick up" the trend again and worst still (in my opinion and not disrespecting Chan Kraemer) calling tights that are made for men "Mantyhose" made it look weird for us guys to wear them again. I mean why call them "Mantyhose"? Look at the 2nd photo, there were simply called Strumpfhose or Pantyhose in German. Whatever the case.. Just match your clothes right and wear your tights!

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Andreas Lucius Loh

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